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Good Afternoon!!!


I have a question about wraps. If I do have a sandwich I am finding myself lately having a spinach wrap instead of a roll or bread.


I have no clue what the pts are though.


For example today I went to a deli and they had spinach wraps and tomatoe wraps. Sometimes you find out these are worse because they are loaded with secret ingrediants. Anyway


Does anyone know??


Thanks for your help

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I've seen wraps anywhere from 1 to 6 points. Can you ask at the place where you get the sandwhich if they have a wrapper with Nutritional info?


Also check calorieking.com. They have lots of NI there.


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definitely ask for the package... the caf at my job was touting their low carb wraps, when I checked the points it was 6 pts!!!!

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