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Do you see the forest or the trees?

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If you eat a bag of caramel corn in the forest and no one hears the crunching, do you still have to count the points?



We’ve all heard the old saying, “she can’t see the forest for the trees”, right? Well, I think that when you have a lot of weight to lose, it becomes just the opposite—you can’t see the trees for the forest. In other words, you don’t see losing 5 lbs. As a big deal because you have 25, 50, or 100 lbs. to lose. Well, my friend, you have to concentrate on the trees!!


Ask my leader, Anne. She says that when she finally joined WW for the last time and lost 80 lbs. for good, she did it by losing 5 lbs. at a time. End of story. That was her goal. She knew she could lose 5 lbs. so she concentrated on that. When those 5 were gone, she concentrated on the next 5. I have found that setting small, intermediate goals has really helped me as well. That was 100 lbs. ago!!


You have to take one day at a time. In the beginning, I sometimes had to take one hour at a time—and I’m not kidding. I used to tell myself that I could do ANYTHING for an hour—including drink another glass of water and wait for lunch time. It was hard. Maybe at those times I wasn’t just seeing the trees, I was concentrating on the leaves on the trees!! Now I feel so much more in control of my life that it’s easier to get through those tough times.


Remember that this is a change for your heart and mind, not just for your body. You have to want it—and I mean REALLY want it. And not just to get into your swimsuit or the dress for your class reunion or a wedding—you have to want it for FOREVER!! I think it’s Dr Phil who talks about “getting it”. Well, I can’t tell you how to “get it”, but when you do, you’ll know. I know that I now “get it”, and this has made the Weight Watcher program both fun and easy for me. Actually, I don’t think of it as a program—it’s just the way I eat now.


Congratulate yourself just for being here. Don’t miss a single weekly meeting. Participate in the meetings. Talk to someone new. Try a new recipe every week. You’ll get through this forest. We’re all in this together!! And we’re here to back you up!!

"The only one who can stop me is me---and I can take her!"


ginnyb (aka loves2cook!) "It's not the falling down, it's the staying down!!"

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Ginny, you said it so well. When I reached goal, our leader asked me how I did it, and I said something like it was accomplished moment by moment. I can control myself for a moment. If I think of it as a big chunk of time, it becomes more difficult. Because I couldn't control how much weight I lost, I didn't think in 5 lb. increments, but like you -- knew that if I was hungry, I could get to lunch by drinking another glass of water or having some carrots.

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