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I Won't Quit

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So, I looked around at all our posts this morning and a horrible thought struck me. I thought, I don't belong here. I thought, I have struggled and fought for so long, and I still am not at goal. I falter on a regular basis. I don't have that special something that will get me to goal. I'm a fraud. I am not a real BCBer. I'm a failure. I started down the all-too-familiar road of beating myself into a pulp.


But then I took a step back and thought again. I AM a true BCBer. I DO belong here. I DO believe in myself.


The fact is, I struggle. But I am still posting, struggle after struggle after struggle. This means that I am a true BCBer. I might falter, but I always come back. I follow the BCB Philosophy and post why I went off-plan, and what my plan is for next time I'm struggling. At no point over the past three years have I ever given up, nor do I intend to.


The fact is, I have maintained a substantial weight loss for three years. I may have regained some weight, but I won't discount the 50 pounds I have lost. I lost each of those pounds slowly and carefully and with my own sweat and determination, and I will be proud that they are gone for good.


The fact is, my eating patterns and lifestyle have truly changed. I'm not perfect, but I have learned and continued to improve my eating habits. I know more about nutrition and health than I ever have before. I know why my body needs certain nutrients, and I know what types of substances I will never put in my body again. I crave vegetables. I would not hesitate to call myself a whole-grain connoisseur.


The fact is, I have begun to address the underlying cause of my weight problem. I have not been content to binge within my points, even though that might technically be OP (within points). Instead, I have sought counseling, books, and other resources to help me address my problem with binge eating. I am working on the inside part of this journey as well as the outside part, and it is showing in my attitude and mindset.


The fact is, I will get to goal and I will stay there. I have learned the value of ignoring the scale, finding exercise I enjoy, trying new recipes, and many other behaviors that make this (for me) a true lifestyle change rather than a diet. I am very proud of the changes I have made, and I can't envision returing to my pre-WW lifestyle.


The fact is, even when I have been down, I have done my best to offer support to other struggling buddies. I have posted regularly and diligently and tried to help others along this journey, and I have received support, encouragement, and friendship in return.


The fact is, I believe in myself. All of these things I'm writing about are unrefutable evidence that I have the tools, the energy, and the support necessary to keep becoming healthier and happier.


Sorry about the self-indulgent post, buddies! I needed to convince myself that I belong here -- and I think I have. :D

Suzie :salut

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