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The BCB Philosophy

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Bootcamp Buddies Philosophy Statement


Bootcamp Buddies (referred to as BCBs) follow the Weight Watchers program and Weight Watchers ONLY. They don't combine Weight Watchers with any other programs or "diet", unless instructed to modify it by a medical professional.


A BCB realizes that this is a journey for LIFE..not a diet. As such, we follow the program as it has been written and plan on following it for the rest of our lives. But committing to this, we will make our weight loss for life a REALITY!


A BCB handles their weight loss journey one minute, one hour, one day at a time (OMOHOD) and this is our basic philosophy.


A BCB knows that THEY are in complete control of what goes into THEIR mouths. Happiness, sadness, stress, anger and other emotions do NOT control us. We take charge of ourselves, and are responsible for ourselves. We make a commitment to ourselves to journal each day, and WRITE EVERY BITE.


A BCB does not ever DELIBERATELY go off program for ANY REASON. There are NO EXCUSES for ever going off program. We will face challenges each day of our life, and have to learn that stress or social situations are not reason to go off program. We as a BCB must always PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!


If a BCB should "slip," they shall immediately take steps to understand what caused the slip and to rectify the situation. We shall use these "slips" as a learning process so that we may learn not to slip again. A BCB does not ever whine, cry, or complain about being off program, but jumps right back but on track! (not tomorrow, or later -but RIGHT AWAY).


A member in good standing of the BCBs will ALWAYS treat others in the same manner they would like to be treated. If correcting an unhealthy behavior, such correction shall be done with compassion and respect. We are here to make our weight loss a REALITY and to help each other reach our goals with kind support, and sometime a little nudge with love & care.


We look forward to seeing YOU make your weight loss a REALITY!

---Katie, CEO of Me, Inc & living my new-normal

highest:375(fall '98),5'4"//11-19-08 WW restart:277//current:247//2nd 10%:225//NEXT MINI GOAL:239//goal:150

*He leadeth me.

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