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Grilled Baja Fish Tacos

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made these tonight and they were yummy and felt like a big meal-- my family had the traditional fish taco with the batter fried fish-- but I adapted mine to make it WW friendly


Made 3 yummy tacos 9 pts total


Heres what I did for 1 serving-- could be adjusted depending on what kind of mayo and yogurt used.


1 tilapia fillet (4.3 ounces) 3 pts (could use any basic white fish)(tilapia figures out about .66666 an ounce)

1 tsp taco seasoning

1 tsp olive oil-1 pt


3 corn tortillas--(3 pts) heated up on a skillet with no oil

1/3 cup ish of cabbage finely shredded




white sauce-- below

2 Tbsp Fat free plain youg. .5 pts (or sour cream-- that may change pts)

Light Mayo 1 tbsp-- 1.5 pts ( could use FF and save a bit)

2 tsp lime juice


grill fish in skillet with taco seasoning as a rub in the tsp of oil.


Make white sauce and shred cabbage.


Heat tortillas in skillet.


Prepare tacos by splitting the fish into 3 serving and divide over 3 corn tortillas into the center as you would with any other taco, spread some cabbage over each one followed by a few tsp of the white sauce. top with salsa


1st 10% goal 185.4-- DONE!:jump_jack

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Guest NaomiRP

I think these sound better than the battered ones your family got!!!

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this sounds good...

I make a choice to choose the JOY of the LORD today...and tomorrow...and to make each day count for HIM.


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YUM!! Fish taco's are one of my favorite "restraunt" foods. I love to cook, but never thought about making these myself!


thanks so much for the recipe!




SW 175 07/02

Goal 150 09/2003

Now 155




"You have to have confidence in your ability and then be tough enough to follow through." Rosalynn Carter

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