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How many calories a day?

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Figuring I would get 24 target points per day (my current weight is 182) and if I used my flex points daily 35/7 so 5 extra points. How many calories would that be per day?


Is WW based on calories count?




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Weight Watchers does not count calories. It counts POINTS. You have your 24 POINTS every day. Then if you choose to eat 5 Flexpoints a day, you would be using 29 POINTS a day.


Some members find that they lose quicker if they do not eat all their flexpoints each week. It's up to the individual member.


I am sure your leader would be happy to go over this with you.


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As I tried to explain in your previous post, WW has a formula for figuring a foods point value. We do not count calories, but Points. Since you're not currently attending meetings and have no program info, here is a site for an "unofficial" points calculator. It may help you. Once you join meetings or purchase an "at home" kit you receive a points slider that makes figuring points much easier and fits nicely into a purse or briefcase.


Points Calculator



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Guest imported_Kelly_S

This was put out with the 1-2-3 Success Program (originally done in a range but I just separated the points to individual sets) from W/W to assist some of the nutritionists and RD working with patients they referred to W/W:


20 points = 1150 calories

22 points = 1250 calories

24 points = 1350 calories

25 points = 1400 calories

26 points = 1450 calories

27 points = 1500 calories

28 points = 1550 calories

29 points = 1600 calories

31 points = 1700 calories

33 points = 1800 calories

35 points = 1900 calories (Flex Points)


This is not always true because of fat and fiber but it is close. Also the thing to remember is that it does not include the 200-250 calories a day W/W built into the program for free veggies and/or freebies that they give you (you know that one serving of sugar free jello or Cool Whip Free).


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