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Stepping Up To The Podium: I Can Eat Anything I Want...Tomorrow

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*After a long delay, and by popular demand, Dr. Julie is back to share her thoughts about the journey toward health*


*wild applause*


Thank you. Thank you for the warm welcome back.


While I was on the road, I read something by a fellow named Mike at the Biggest Loser discussion board. He has lost an amazing amount of weight, one day at a time. (Mike's story http://boards.nbc.com/nbc/index.php?showtopic=715951 )



Someone asked him how he deals with cravings. Mike's response was that he tells himself that he can eat whatever he wants...tomorrow. But that for today, he is going to stay with his healthy eating plans. He said that the beauty of that strategy is that by the time that "tomorrow" rolls around, the craving has disappeared.


Friends, we are members of an instant gratification culture. Let's face it, we really don't need to work hard in order to get a lot of food. With $5, we can feed an entire family from the Value Menu at most fast food "restaurants."


Or, we don't even NEED to have any money in order to buy that cute little outfit at Macy's (which now owns almost all of the formerly good department stores in the country but I'm trying not to be bitter about it)! I just have to smile to the clerk, give her my Social Security Number and in about 5 minutes, I've been approved for instant credit...plus, I get 10% off of everything else I decide to buy that day!


If I want to watch a movie, I can use Pay-per-view.


I can find a restroom fairly easily to solve the lots of water drinking delimma (except on I-40 or I-80 going through the Nevada desert).


And so, my mind and body has gotten into the habit of thinking that I can have whatever I want, whenever I want it. Heck! We even have the magical thinking that we can lose all of our weight in a weekend!


But, it is time we grew up. It was okay to expect to be fed on demand when we were infants. We were doing a lot of growing! And, we needed that breast to give us the miracle elixer because it was kind of hard for us to whip up a delicious salad.


But we're not infants anymore. We CAN delay our gratification of cravings...


*laugh* I just got a thought...can you imagine an infant crawling up to the vending machine and saying--in baby talk--I've got a terrible craving for M&M's? We'd all laugh and think how sad that was! But, the truth of the matter is, that that is what we are doing everytime we "give in" to our cravings. *laugh*


Anywho, imagine how much more healthy we would be if we delayed our gratification! It isn't about deprivation! It is about CHOOSING what we are going to eat. It is about choosing to be healthy.


And so, I am following Mike's example. I can eat whatever I'm craving...*quietly* tomorrow...


Thank you and it is good to be back!

Note: I follow the Winning Points program :salut


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