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Whataburger RF Ranch dressing...

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I went to Whataburger today, not my choice - but that's where my colleagues wanted to go. We're teachers, we don't get to eat out together very often, so I went.


I ordered the grilled chicken garden salad. Tomatoes, lettuce and grilled chicken, that's it. I asked for some light dressing. They gave me one packet of RF Ranch dressing.


I opened it and got ready to pour it on my salad. Then I noticed the nutrition info - 22g of fat, 230 calories (200 from fat!) and the second ingredient was soybean oil.


WTH are they thinking? If this is the reduced-fat stuff, I would hate to see what the REGULAR stuff has in it! Even Hidden Valley Ranch is what, 7g fat for the light stuff?


I ate my salad without dressing. It was fine, since the chicken had spices in it. But I also wrote to Whataburger corporate to ask what's the deal with the so-called RF dressing.

SW:233.0 CW:233.0 GW:160

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