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Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is my first post, and I need all the help I can get. I am 5'7" and I weigh 140. I want to lose 15 pounds. I went to the Weight Watchers local center where I live, and the supporter/lady that helped me was awful to me. She made me feel like I was just a vain & insecure. She said that they were vanity pounds, and I should just be grateful I didn't weigh more. Frankly, she made me feel horrible. I asked her to please explain the program to me anyway because I was willing to pay for the program. She quickly went through the point system, and I was completely lost. She seemed irritated with me because I was having trouble understanding her. I left crying, and I will not go back.


I came here because I was hoping someone could help me understand how the program works. How does the point system work? How do you count the points? Where can I go for menu options?


I know it's a lot to ask, but there is no way I am going back to that center. Please anyone help me.


I am sure there are some that may agree that these are "vanity pounds" because I am not what some would consider "over weight", but I am not happy with my weight & that is what should matter, right?


Thanks for listening, and for any help you can give.


Johnna Nicola

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When I was a leader I had to tell people that they were not allowed to join. It's a very tough thing to do. If she delt with it as badly as you say then she was very wrong. But, You are, without a doubt, under the weight that WW accepts as top for your height and age (147).

Check with a Doc. and get advice from an authority you can trust.

I bet with exercise and use of good healthy foods you can get the good health you seek.




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Hi Johnna,

I think you deserve an "attagirl" for having the good sense to go to Weight Watchers instead of trying one of the get-thin-quick fad diets out there. I'm sorry it was a rough experience for you....rejection of any sort can be difficult to take, especially if it is done less than tactfully.

Ok...here's the thing....you don't meet WW criteria but you can speak with your physician and get a good, health-promoting eating plan that will help you to lose the weight you want in a safe manner. If not, you're clearly resourceful...you might go to the American Diabetic Association and check on their diet....its very healthy and also very effective.

At 5'7" and 140 lbs., you're very close to a great weight for your height. CW's right....a healthy diet and daily exercise should get rid of the few pounds that you and your physician agree is excess.

Good luck to you.


"I am pieces of all the places I have been,
and the people I have loved......"

– Brooke Hampton


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