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Michelle Dozois?

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Do any of you use Michelle Dozois' exercise DVD's? I bought two and the one I have tried and really like it! It's called "Fat to Firm Fast" (pick your level) and also the Dance off the inches Fat Burning Jam. I haven't tried the Dance off the inches one yet but plan to this week.


Tammy :)

Restarted Weight Watchers: July 17th, 2009:work_out:

Pounds lost so far=20 :bcb_bravo Pounds to lose= 95 :bcb_blush

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I've just started using her "Your Best Body Circuit" and it's awesome. I love how she alternates the cardio and weight training so your heart rate stays elevated the entire time.

SW: 224 lbs

CW: 162 lbs :bcb_march

GW: 145 lbs


Goodbye 220's...210's...200's...190's...180's...170's...

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