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help, sore after combining "curves" and running

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So I have been running for almost 5 years, about 4 - 5 miles 4 - 5 times a week (longest run 12 miles) currently planning to run the Portland Marathon Oct '07 with my son...so I joined a "curves style" workout program a couple of miles from where I work to build up my upper body....and while the workout is not as strenuous as the running, my ankles and calves hurt from running in place and bouncing around on the little boards inbetween the weight machines...has anyone else had this problem? I have only done this workout twice so far, and have done my runs on the other days, but it seems like running in place is hurting my feet (mainly my arches) too... Does anyone know if you get over this, or if I am doing something wrong...I like the variety, and the fact that it only takes 30 minutes, gives me something to do on my "off days" from running, and is close to where I work so I can sneak in there on my lunch,...but it doesn't seem like I should be hurting...



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Hmmm, I used to go to Curves but never had a problem on the recovery boards. Remember, you don't have to run on the boards. You can do lots of different things. Some people "walk" in place, some people do jumping jacks, some others do "step" type moves. It is really up to you what you do on the recovery boards, as long as you aren't just sitting there. Hope that helps!

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