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Guest M_red

What is your favorite 3/4pt meal ?

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Guest M_red

Hi All,

I like to eat frequent small meals and looking to stir things up a bit. Would love it you would be willing to share some of your favorites :bcb_bigsm !!


Some of my current favorites are.....


Breakfast meals

Egg sandwiches

fried egg and toast

WW Cereal


Light raisin toast and WW yogurt


Lunch/dinner meals

Salads I have down pretty well and stir things up all the time

Turkey and goat cheese (or light boursin) Sandwiches

Any salad sand with reduced fat mayo: egg, chix, crab, lobster

Baked pot with cheese and broccoli or ham.

Mini Pizzas with WW English muffins

Frozen Spanakopita spinach pies from BGs 1 pt per triangle

Garden burger BBQ ribs



Cheese and crackers (light boursin or laughing cow with FF Melba toast

PP and crackers and fruit


There are many but these are few of my favorites, If you can not tell...I am usually on the go and go for the quicker simpler items to make :-)


Would love any new ideas from you all.


Many thanks!

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Fried Mushroom Sandwich & Soup (just fry up some mushrooms (0pts) and put on WW toast... 1pt + soup



Pizza (on tortilla) & Salad The tortillas I use are 3pts plus I use 1pt for cheese. I load it up with veggies, oregano & 0pts of tomato sauce. Pop it in the toaster oven, serve with salad.


Frozen stirfry type dinners... I then fry (in pam) a whole pile of veggies & some ginger and add it to the frozin stirfry dinner for a huge 4pt meal. There are a few that fall in the 4pts category.


I take most frozen dinners and 'volumize' by adding loads of veggies... zucchini, mushroom & peppers to pasta ones, bok choy, asparagus, celery to chinese types....



Mom of 4


Start Date September 3, 2007



Lost 3.5 pounds!




GW 118

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I'll have to think, but what comes to mind right now is a cup of FF cottage cheese with a chopped tomato mixed in, plus salt n pepper.


274/248.5/under 150

Size 26/20/8ish

1/4/08: -10

2/1/08: -8.5

3/7/08: -0

4/4/08: -4.5

5/2/08: -4

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Low sugar instant oatmeal (only 2 pts though)

Vanilla Protien Shake with FF Milk 8oz (4 pts)



Variety of 2-4 pt Smart Ones


That is just off the top of my head. I have other snack items that I dont know the exact names too. Ty for sharing!



WW Stats (For Life)

(HW) 205.0

(SW) 199.0

(GW) 140.0

(CW) 178.8


Started WW 11-30-06

Made my 10% on 3-1-07 :bcb_up

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Guest mochalattekona

Flat out pita- 1 pt


2oz turkey-1 pt


1 wedge laughing cow cheese spread on pita-1 pt


lettuce, tomato- 0 points


3pt sandwich





WW yogurt-1 pt

WW fudgsicle cut into slices-1 pt

1/2 banana-1 pt


mix all together in a bowl like a banana split for 3 pts

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