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Dumb Question, Re Fruit

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a 6oz banana is 2 points. My question is -- is that 6 oz with the skin on or off? I'm thinking it has to be off, since you don't eat the skin. But wanted to make sure!


Thanks for any help.



TracyD (doing WW@Home)

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My first thought was that I had always heard that WW listed food weights with skin and seeds (see the pineapple thread) but I did a search on the Nutritional Analysis Tool and I found for Bananas, Raw


serving size 6 ounces =

170.1 grams

Calories 157

Fat 0.85

Fiber 4

Points 2.410833333

Round 2


1 fruit w/o skin

114 grams

Calories 105

Fat 0.57

Fiber 2.74

Points 1.5995

Round 2


If I took 170 grams for 6oz and divided by 114 grams for 1 fruit w/o skin and I got 1.49 so I put in of 1.49 quantity on the serving size of 1 fruit w/o skin and the numbers came up to just about exactly what the 6oz raw banana came to. I don't know if it's just banana happens to round out this way or if WW gives some fruits with skin and some without. We all know there is no way 1/4 pineapple without skin is 12oz. Now I'm even more confused. I think I'll stick with my web site and the USDA numbers and figure the points based on what I eat.

Sorry I just made this even more confusing.


SW 252.6/WWG 157/2013 Restart 192.6:bcb_huh:/CW189

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I love the NAT tool. I have it bookmarked and it has been my primary source for nutritional info. I highly suggest that EVERYBODY bookmark it.





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