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DaVinci for LESS

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I just posted this on Product Reviews, and I think it deserves a mention here!

Finally, my curiosity got the best of me and I emailed DaVinci's customer service and asked them why they charged more for their SF Syrups than VitaLady (for example). They wrote back saying they were not interested in competing with their retail outlets, but eventually gave me a number for a "consumer friendly" source.

DaVinci charges $7.49 and VitaLady charges $6.65, but DFB beat them both at $6.25!

I called after 5 PM on Weds. and received my box this morning (Friday)! The shipping packaging is not as elaborate as DaVincis, but perfectly adequate styro "peanuts".

They don't have a website, so you need to look

at the DaVinci site to see your options (they have all flavors available) and then call DFB.

They are located in Southern Ca. and their phone # is 800 328-5157.


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Very cool. Thank you!



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