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flex points are scaring me a little...

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as i said when i first joined the forums, i've been overweight since i was about 14 years old. as a result, i've spent about 6 years in a "diet" mindset...limiting myself, beating myself up over things/amounts i've eaten, forbidding myself to eat certain foods that i like, basically just miserable trying to lose this weight. but now that i'm on ww and it allows for 35 extra points each week, i am EXTREMELY hesitant about this. i want to lose this weight so badly, and for once i am truly determined about it, but i feel like allowing myself those 35 points is such a huge deal for some reason. like i will gain, or not be as successful, or set myself back for the week somehow. can you guys help me with this? it's not that i don't want to treat myself, i really do and sometimes 22 points per day just doesn't feel like enough and i wish i could have something extra, but i just have this voice inside my head saying "NO WAY! you can't have that. you'll never lose the weight if you do!"...you know? how can i get into a better mindset and allow myself those 35 flex points without feeling guilty? and more importantly, how has eating 35 extra points per week affected your weight loss? i would really appreciate any input. thanks :)

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I have the same mindset as you. For me there's very little grey area...just back or white, which translates to GOOD food or BAD food. I had a REALLY hard time in the beginning allowing myself treats and using my flex points.


One thing I've discovered over the past few months is that I actually lose BETTER on the weeks I use most/all of my flex points. Seeing this trend really helps me accept the thought of using them.


Also, I've found that if I allow myself to indulge occasionally in a controlled amount of "food porn" I am less likely to crave it and end up binging.


Another thing that was pointed out to me here that I really try to keep in the back of my mind, you really want to use as many flex points as possible to get your body used to losing at a higher number of points. If you never eat your flex, once you get to maintainance you won't be able to eat as much and maintain. If you use your flexies along the way, your body gets used to them, thus allowing you to have a higher points level and still maintain.


Hope this helped some! Feel free to PM me if you need anything!


HW 284.4 ~ CW 283.0 ~ GW 155

:bcbkickbu restarted 8/18/10




HW 253.4~CW 199.4~GW 155~~~Total lost: 54.0

ONEDERLAND reached 10/15/07

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I will tell you from experience that when I showed a gain at the scale or stayed the same, the VERY first thing my leader would ask me is "did you use some of your Flex points? If NOT - then you NEED to." In other words, eating the extra points can help you have a loss, not a gain. My leader's concern is that without using some flex points perhaps I wasn't eating enough. It has been shown that our metabolisms slow down if we are not putting enough into our bodies as fuel, so giving the body more fuel - using fps now and then or using all of them - can be a useful way to shake up our metabolism and show a loss at the scale. The fps are there to use or not, but most anyone on this board and anyone who has had success on WW will tell you that using them does not lead to a gain. If you used them all on unhealthy, indulgent once-in-awhile foods then you may gain, but the program allows for those extra points. I often saw people at meetings feeling the same way you do - scared to use the points. But many of those people saw the scale stay stubbornly the same week after week and couldn't figure out why.



40 year old mom to Abby and Lily, ages 5 and 2


CW 216 SW 245 (2004) LW 185 (2006)

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I have to tell you, I started back on weight watchers on Jan. 10th 2007 and I have used almost all of my flexpoints every week! When I figured my average weight loss per week for 6 weeks, I have averaged 3.9 pounds!


So EAT those points and enjoy the foods! Don't make foods taboo because then you just crave them more and it will inhibit your success!


Best of Luck to you!



Restart 02/25/2012 at 268

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Okay you said that starving yourself has not helped. There's an old saying that goes something like "Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"


Maybe it's time to release yourself to the program and let it do it's thing. You have struggled for years. What will a few weeks' trial hurt you?


You owe it to yourself to try something different and get results. Many people feel the same way, but you will only make your body struggle through starvation. Biology is stronger than human willpower anyday and you may set yourself up for a binge.


a new mama, back and ready for bootcamp business!

HW: 205ish... pregnant

SW: 190.4

CW: 182

MiniGoal: 185.4 MET!:bcb_up

MiniGoal: 180.4

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Fearing food is no way to live. That's not a judgment on you (MANY of us have been or still are there). It's just a statement of fact that will hopefully help you maintain your resolve to lose your excess weight in a SANE MANNER, not by putting yourself through dieting hell. bcb_sad Flex points are for whatever you need them for; they exist to make the WW program LIVEABLE. Most successful Buddies use most or all of them every week.


You might try going to the Buddies Showing Off thread on this board and give yourself a visual of the kind of success you can achieve for yourself while eating healthy and well. Best wishes on your weight loss work. :salut

Darci :wave:


Started WW 4/18/05~~60+ pounds gone 11/15/06~~trouble maintaining, back on program 10/14/07

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I must say that I eat all of my points. I eat the 35 weekly points and the activity points and I can honestly say that I have NEVER had a weight gain. You've got to follow the progam and do what it says to do. It definitely works !!!

HW - 220 - Height: 5'7"

SW - 209.2

CW - 162.8

GW - 160

Total Loss to date: -46.4lbs

Body Mass Index (BMI): Then: 32.8 Now: 25.4



Hooray for Flex !!!!!

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My teenage daughters are REALLY supportive of me. The other day, they were saying that I eat so much more "now". Nothing to be afraid of!!! Has depriving yourself worked before? I've lost 33 pounds since last May 31.

WW knows what it's doing. Trust them. :bcb_salut

Colleen M.

HW: 187

SW: 181.8

GW: 132 11/2007

CW: 143.0


One of my sweeties at school came up to me and put his arms up (I thought he was going to hug me - HA!:bcb_mad2) and said, while flapping my upper arms "Mrs. M---, why do your arms move like this?"


Not this summer, baby!

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thanks so much for all of your help. i never have even really stopped to think that i have been overweight for such a long time, and have also been using the "cut way back on food" dieting method to try and lose weight for just as long and here i am now in the same place. trust me, i will have no problem using up flex points! it's just feeling okay about it that i was worried about. i feel a lot better now :)

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a little something more for you to consider......

CW :salut



Low Calorie Dieting Originally posted to BFL Women


There are several of us in this group who have struggled with eating disorders

and compulsive exercise. We can tell you firsthand that you can't just keep

cutting your calories lower and lower and exercising more and more. It looks

good on paper, but in the real world it backfires in the worst way.


What happens when (this is going to sound familiar) you're eating 1100 calories

a day, training for over an hour 7 days a week and your weight loss stops. Are

you going to eat even less? Train even more? It becomes a no-win situation.


If I'm eating 1400 cals a day and training my guts out, pretty soon my body

(which is generally smarter than me) is only going to burn 1400 cals a day in an

attempt to conserve energy and save my life. So, well, darn. I'll cut it down to

1250. I'll start losing again for a week or two, but pretty soon my body is only

burning 1250. Then 1000, then 800 (been there). Before I know it my own

metabolism has decided that I'm a complete jackass and has shut itself down

completely. Now what? My body isn't burning any extra calories on its own. The

only way I can create a calorie deficit at all is through more exercise. Only I

don't have any energy, my entire body hurts, and everything turns purple when I

stand up fast. Not a pretty state of affairs!


There's an alternative, of course. Instead of doing things to slow your

metabolism down (starving, compulsive exercise), you can launch a plan to speed

your metabolism up (BFL). Some things that contribute to a fast metabolism are:


1) Small, frequent meals. Every time you eat, your metabolism increases

slightly. Eat 6 or 7 times a day and you'll burn more calories throughout the



2) Eat more protein. Not only does protein help support muscles, it's hard to

digest. Nearly 30% of the protein calories you eat are burned up just to digest

and use the protein.


3) Do intense exercise early in the morning so that you burn calories at a

higher rate all day.


4) Lift weights and eat enough to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the

more calories you burn just sitting around on your butt. Post eating disorder,

I've gained nearly 16 pounds of lean mass. Each new pound of muscle burns an

additional 35-50 calories a day. That means I now burn 560-800 calories a day

MORE than when I was starving overtrained diet ninny. And those aren't treadmill

calories. I burn those when I have my feet up on the coffee table watching



Really think about this. Plenty of us have reached our goals by becoming

well-fed, well-trained, well-RESTED athletes. You mention people going 5 weeks

without seeing results. They're not wasting time. They're setting themselves up

for a lifetime of successful new habits. I pulled out my first challenge stats

yesterday. I lost 3 pounds in 12 weeks. Failure? Nope. I lost 3/4 inch off each

arm, 2 inches off each thigh, 1 3/4 inch off my hips, 2 inches off my waist, and

2 inches off my abdomen. My body fat dropped from 20.3% to 15.1%. This while

eating an average of 1,600 cals a day plus a full (VERY full) free day.


You have to ask yourself, do I want to change my way of life slowly and

permanently so that I stay lean forever? Or do I want some insane crash diet,

quick fix, compulsive exercise thing that I do for a few weeks and give up?



B4 & After: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=202124

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