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Sushi / Sashimi HELP!!!

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Sushi? Sashimi? Whatever it's really called, I love it and, the nuts and bolts of it is that I need to know how to count raw tuna and other raw servings on a "blot" of sushi (sticky rice). I also don't know how to count the many different "rolls" that are out there. Everything I've found shows California roll and maki or nori maki for sushi. There's a listing in the WW complete guide and the Getting Started books for Sashimi. Unfortunately, there is no clear description of any of the above in the books. Any help on this confusing food topic will be greatly appreciated.



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I'm not sure if these will help or not but these are the point listings in my restaurant book, keep in mind this book is from Germany and the points might not be exactly the same but should give you a round about range.

Everything is per piece unless stated otherwise:

Chirashi w/ chicken breast - 1 portion 6pts

Futo-Maki w/ smoked salmon 2pts

Gunkan-Maki w/ trout caviar 1pts

" w/ shrimp 1pts

Hosomaki w/ chopped tuna .5pts

" w/ cucumber & sesame .5pts

" w/ pumpkin .5pts

" w/ salmon & avocado .5pts

" w/ marinated tuna .5pts

" w/ carrots & cucumber .5pts

" w/ shiitake mushrooms .5pts

Inari-Sushi, 1 portion 4pts

Maki w/ fried Halibut .5pts

Nigiri w/ avocado & mushrooms 1.5pts

" w/ prawns 1pts

" w/ salmon 2pts

" w/ mackerel 1pts

" w/ sardines 1pts

" w/ pollack 1.5pts

" w/ squid .5pts

" w/ tuna 1.5pts

Sashimi 3.5pts

Temaki w/ mixed mushrooms 3

" w/ salmon & cucumber 4

" w/ beef filet 2.5

" w/ shrimp, avocado & zucchini 1pts

" w/ surimi & avocado 1.5pts

Ura-Maki/California-Roll .5pts


Not a big sushi fan but I can eat some of it. Hope this helps you!

bcbsalute.gif Vicki



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