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I'm going to a Banquet tonight and they have a Appetizer Table. They have med size shrimp and the book says 1/2 cup of shrimp or 2 ozs of shrimp is 1 point. Does anyone know about how many that would be.








SW 187.5/CW 145/GW 137


Wk 2 -2.6

Wk 3 -2

Wk 4 - .2

Wk 5 -2

Wk 6 -1

Wk 7 +1.8

Wk 8 -1

Wk 9 -1

Wk 10 +.6

Week 11 -.6

Week 12 -1

Week 13 Missed Meeting

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Also, my food books say 10 fried shrimp is 5oz and that is 8pts


My calorie book says that 4 large cooked without anything (like boiled) is 1/2 a point.


It really depends on how it is prepared.


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