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Guest nicenurse_40

'Pamm-ed' Spam 'Bacon'

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Guest nicenurse_40

I accidentally stumbled on this the other day when I was cooking some Spam for a sandwich.


Spray a non-stick skillet with Pam.

Slice your Spam Lite as thin as you possibly can.

Then 'fry' it until it gets crispy. I like this a lot better than the turkey bacon or the veggie fake bacon.


* In the WW Complete Food Companion, the Lite Spam is counted as 1 point for 2 ounces. I weigh my meat before I 'fry' it.


Enjoy !!

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Thanks for this post love spam. Never had lite though is there a big difference in taste. I do know they hve turkey spam now.






SW 187.5/CW 145/GW 137


Wk 2 -2.6

Wk 3 -2

Wk 4 - .2

Wk 5 -2

Wk 6 -1

Wk 7 +1.8

Wk 8 -1

Wk 9 -1

Wk 10 +.6

Week 11 -.6

Week 12 -1

Week 13 Missed Meeting

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