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2 - 3 servings of "Healthy" oils per day - Help???

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I am on the flex plan and I am looking for clarification on the 2-3 servings of oils per day. I know the oils should be flax, canola, etc. Do these servings count toward my daily point allowance or not?


Thanks for the help!!!



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I bought some flaxseed oil Softgels {1000mg} and I take 3 a day and I talked to my leader and she says they count. For the 3 softgels are 30 cals. 0 fiber. 3 fats= 1pt.

So tha way I know I'm getting 1 good fat a day.






SW 187.5/CW 145/GW 137


Wk 2 -2.6

Wk 3 -2

Wk 4 - .2

Wk 5 -2

Wk 6 -1

Wk 7 +1.8

Wk 8 -1

Wk 9 -1

Wk 10 +.6

Week 11 -.6

Week 12 -1

Week 13 Missed Meeting

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From the WW website


Why is 2 tsp of oil each day recommended for both the Core Plan and the Flex Plan?


The oils - olive, canola, safflower, sunflower, or flaxseed oil – are recommended as they are a good source of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. The inclusion of 2 tsp per day helps ensure that these nutritional needs are met. Oil capsules, vitamin E supplements, or seeds (flaxseeds) cannot be substituted. While those on the Core Plan should include 2 tsp of oil each day, those on the Flex Plan will need to count 2 tsp of the recommended oils as part of their weekly POINTS Allowance.


SW 252.6/WWG 157/2013 Restart 192.6:bcb_huh:/CW189

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