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I would make sure to use ALL 35 WPAs each week. I don't think anyone can live on only 18 points. Think about your biggest meal each day and start from there. This can be done but you may need those WPAs for daily eating, not just special occasions.

Amy-SAHM of 4


HW: 217

CW: 217


Starting WW's new plan (again for the millionth time) 1/2/12

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I would also start with the 8 good health guidelines (pg 74 of your week 1 Eating Wisely booklet) and work out from there.


At only 18 pts, you have no wiggle room.


SW 310

GOAL 12/4/07

Proud to a Vegan WW.

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Michael Pollan

"Well, it seems to be working for me." Dr Michael Culmer

"Nuts are in hard shells for reasons." Dr John McDougall

"The salad IS the main course." Dr Joel Fuhrman

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I also recommend that you consider 5-6 small meals, as opposed to the usual 3 bigger ones. I agree that you should use APs/FPs each day to supplement your daily 18 points.


Just to get your thinker going, here's an example day using common, easily prepared foods:



coffee with creamer- 1 pt

small banana- 1 pt

flavored oatmeal packet- 2 pts



hard boiled egg- 2 pts

decaf or herbal tea w/ Splenda- 0 pts



turkey and laughing cow light sandwich on whole wheat- 4 pts

vegetable soup- 0 pts



apple- 1 pt

slice lite swiss cheese- 1 pt



Gardenburger in 1/2 wheat pita- 2 pts

roasted veggies with 1 t healthy oil- @ 3 pts

mixed greens with healthy oil vinagrette- 1 pt



94% ff micro popcorn- 2 pts


*PLUS LOTS OF WATER* :bcb_smile


That's 20 pts for this particular menu, but the possibilities are practically endless! Some people like a bigger breakfast, others a bigger supper, etc. Arrange your points however works best for YOU.

Darci :wave:


Started WW 4/18/05~~60+ pounds gone 11/15/06~~trouble maintaining, back on program 10/14/07

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Definetly go with the healthy 8's first and see what you can still work in for fun (like a chocolate vitamuffin for 1 pt for a snack - it fills you up a lot and it's chocolate), Protein and a lot of fiber in the morning to fill you up later (1/2 c. better n eggs, toasted 100 cal eng muffin with butter spray, 1 slice 2% american cheese all for just 3 pts - good fiber, good protein and some fat to help keep the hunger off later.


Find a pattern of pts during the day that keeps you happiest. I'm always happiest with 9-11 pts for dinner and snack each night and plan accordingly to save them. I have more to play with than you, but I use 26-27 of the flex pts each week as well to keep me feeling like I can do this everyday for the rest of my life.


Good luck, Terri

60 lbs Gone! :bcb_grin (10/13/07)

SW 281.2 / CW 220.8 / Goal 159 (10/13/07)

Part II SW 277.2 / CW 267.2 / Goal 169 10lbs gone!

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18 points can be done with some careful planning but have you considered Core?

Your body keeps an accurate journal of what you've eaten, even if you don't


Blogging my way thru the Momentum Cookbook



SW 180(Aug '01)

WW goal 130

PG 11-7-06 120

CW 125.8 (01.07.2010)

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Eating only 18 points will lead to plateaus and failure.

Here is why....

Low Calorie Dieting Originally posted to BFL Women


There are several of us in this group who have struggled with eating disorders

and compulsive exercise. We can tell you firsthand that you can't just keep

cutting your calories lower and lower and exercising more and more. It looks

good on paper, but in the real world it backfires in the worst way.


What happens when (this is going to sound familiar) you're eating 1100 calories

a day, training for over an hour 7 days a week and your weight loss stops. Are

you going to eat even less? Train even more? It becomes a no-win situation.


If I'm eating 1400 cals a day and training my guts out, pretty soon my body

(which is generally smarter than me) is only going to burn 1400 cals a day in an

attempt to conserve energy and save my life. So, well, darn. I'll cut it down to

1250. I'll start losing again for a week or two, but pretty soon my body is only

burning 1250. Then 1000, then 800 (been there). Before I know it my own

metabolism has decided that I'm a complete jackass and has shut itself down

completely. Now what? My body isn't burning any extra calories on its own. The

only way I can create a calorie deficit at all is through more exercise. Only I

don't have any energy, my entire body hurts, and everything turns purple when I

stand up fast. Not a pretty state of affairs!


There's an alternative, of course. Instead of doing things to slow your

metabolism down (starving, compulsive exercise), you can launch a plan to speed

your metabolism up (BFL). Some things that contribute to a fast metabolism are:


1) Small, frequent meals. Every time you eat, your metabolism increases

slightly. Eat 6 or 7 times a day and you'll burn more calories throughout the



2) Eat more protein. Not only does protein help support muscles, it's hard to

digest. Nearly 30% of the protein calories you eat are burned up just to digest

and use the protein.


3) Do intense exercise early in the morning so that you burn calories at a

higher rate all day.


4) Lift weights and eat enough to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the

more calories you burn just sitting around on your butt. Post eating disorder,

I've gained nearly 16 pounds of lean mass. Each new pound of muscle burns an

additional 35-50 calories a day. That means I now burn 560-800 calories a day

MORE than when I was starving overtrained diet ninny. And those aren't treadmill

calories. I burn those when I have my feet up on the coffee table watching



Really think about this. Plenty of us have reached our goals by becoming

well-fed, well-trained, well-RESTED athletes. You mention people going 5 weeks

without seeing results. They're not wasting time. They're setting themselves up

for a lifetime of successful new habits. I pulled out my first challenge stats

yesterday. I lost 3 pounds in 12 weeks. Failure? Nope. I lost 3/4 inch off each

arm, 2 inches off each thigh, 1 3/4 inch off my hips, 2 inches off my waist, and

2 inches off my abdomen. My body fat dropped from 20.3% to 15.1%. This while

eating an average of 1,600 cals a day plus a full (VERY full) free day.


You have to ask yourself, do I want to change my way of life slowly and

permanently so that I stay lean forever? Or do I want some insane crash diet,

quick fix, compulsive exercise thing that I do for a few weeks and give up?



B4 & After: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=202124

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A Target if 18 is scary, but it is not the whole WW Program. Days when you eat just 18 Points should be pretty rare.


I also recommend you use the entire WPA. That brings you up to an average of 23. I have a Target of 18 and would rarely go under 22 when losing (usually I'm maintaining these days, I'm a lifer). I have tried, and I find that I feel awful and I don't lose weight any faster.


Also you can earn more Points with activity. If you do that, I recommend you eat them all.


I figure 5 Points for each of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which leaves 3 plus my WPA for snacks. I get my dairy at breakfast and evening snack, and spread the fruits & veggies throughout the day.


The more you eat when losing, the more you will be able to eat on maintenance.



Original SW 175 (1996)

2008 stats: SW 153.6 12/31/07 ~ HW 156.0 09/15/08 ~ CW 153.2 09/22/08 ~ GW 137 ~ PGW 130

My pictures!

"Good food brings good health and longevity." - Chinese fortune cookie

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Hi everyone! Thank you for the advice! It all makes good sense to me so I think I will increase my points. I have been on and off ww for over a year now. This time I have chosen not to attend meetings. I don't have that much to lose but I still have some weight to lose which doesn't seem to be going anywhere but on my thighs!! Last time I was on ww i lasted 2 weeks. I was starving at night and concluded that I would rather eat than feel empty!! I also tried to exercise like crazy walking for an hour every day and realised that I couldn't maintain that for the rest of my life. My approach now is a lot more realistic so hopefully I'll stay on target and reach my goal!


Thank you so much again!

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