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Polar heart rate watch monitors??

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Does anyone have one of these? Do you just wear the watch type thing or is there a thing that goes around your chest or arm as well? How well do they work? Thanks.

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I have one for spinning class. It has a stretchy strap that goes around your chest (just under bra) for the sensor and then the watch gives the reading. I have the Polar brand, it was pricey ($125 a year ago) but it works AWESOME and really helps regulate how hard I'm working out.


I highly recommend them.


Good luck to you.

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I have one too. I ditto everything TawnyGirl said.


It's good for monitoring how hard you are working out ... AND for monitoring how quickly you recover to your normal heart rate (which is important too).


Best wishes,



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I know I've asked this before - but can those of you that have them post which model you have and if you like the features?


I'm definately getting one, but there's so many models to choose from and tho many features sound really cool, I'm wondering if it's overkill and if the basic model is more realistic.




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I've got the Polar RS200. It's fantastic- has all the features I wanted. It gives time spent in 3 preset zones, calories burned, great interval and lap features. It specifically for runners, and cost about $200 Canadian. The chest sensor can detatch from the band and you can buy bras that the sensor fits in so you don't have anything around your back to chafe.

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I have an old M52. I don't think they sell them anymore...


It has OwnZone, OwnCal. It tells me after I've switched it off what my average heart rate has been during my workout, and how many calories I have used. It has the possibility for two users.


I only use the reading of heart rate to adjust my intensity during working out and the calories burned to estimate my APs.


I have had it for probably 5 or 6 years and I hardly ever exercise without it. The only bad part is that the belt is smelly!!! I sweat too much!




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Guest Bpiperno1

I use a different brand (Highgear by Pulsewear) because I couldn't stand the chest strap. Mine is just like a watch and it checks my heart rate when I put two fingers from the other hand on the sensors. I've checked it against machines that I'm on at the health club and they give the same readout, so I'm very happy with my purchase. I ordered it from a catalog and it seems like it was just under $100 including postage. Sorry I can't tell you about the other features because I only use the time and heart rate features.

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I adore my polar HRM. I have no clue what model mine is, but I know it's not the fanciest. I find the chest strap to be very comfortable, and I never work out without it. I wore it skiing this year, and discovered that I was earning 25 APs in a day on the slopes. I'd been WAY underestimating those APs. It's also much more conservative than the machines at the gym (which are notorious for inflating the calories burned number). And it's an invaluable tool for spin classes and other classes where you're supposed to pay close attention to your heart rate zone. It's one of those things that I didn't realize I wanted until DH gave it to me for my birthday--now I couldn't imagine life without it!


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Guest RadTechGal

want2bskinny - I have the Polar F6 monitor and it has a chest strap. I wasn't sure if I would use it much but I do! I'm quite happy with it. The main reason for buying it was to calculate calories expended when I work out, especially at the gym. I didn't believe the readout on the elliptical nor the treadmill. The F6 matched the heart rate on the equipment, however, the calories expended readout on the F6 was lower than the readout on equipment. I would think the F6 is more accurate than the equipment since it's reading the output from my heart directly.


It's pretty easy to use. Some features of the F6 that I find useful are:


Diary which holds daily/weekly exercise data. You can refer to old data as needed.

Exercise duration

Calorie expenditure

Heart Rate alarm (can be switched off) - beeps when your heart rate is below/above the desired zone

Ownzone: wrist unit determines individual target heart rate limits automatically at the beginning of the exercise. You can also modify this by selecting 'hard, moderate, light, or basic'

Automatic: automatically calculated aged-based heart rate limits

Manual: YOU determine the target heart rate limits

OFF: you can just shut the whole target heart rate limits during the session


These are just a few of the features. Polar makes other monitors. You can browse the Polar website for other models and see which one has the features that most interest you.


Good luck!

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