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was unsure where to post this

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I need a little guidance over here....... I am going to try and count pts again since I really need to start eating better!

My questions are-----

1- Ia m still nursing my almost 1 year old -I was planning on not adding any pts for nursing since he is older. I don't have the new info on Pts can someone tell me the formula for them (again) I know I saw a post on it before but I couldn't find it.


2-I was also thinking of joining online WW-would you? I can't really make it to meetings. I work nights and weekends.


thanks- I need all the help I can't get!

Whitney Momma to SIX kiddos!

Identical twin boys-DSx2-4-01




DS another boy!!! 3-10

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Hi Twinmomma,


According to the new POINTS target guidelines on p. 18 of the Week 1 booklet, question #1 asks are you Female (Score 2) Male (Score 8) or A Nursing Mom (Score 12), so it gives you an extra 10 points for nursing.


When WW launched the new Turn Around Program (in December? I'm not sure exactly when, but it was fairly recently) they now have a 5 question quiz to calculate points, based on gender, age, current weight, height, and how active you are in your daily life.


I have never joined WW on line because personally, I need the accountability of going to meetings. There are plenty of people who do it successfully on line though. There are two women who come to my meetings & bring their infants & toddlers & just give them toys etc. to keep them occupied for the 1/2 hour of the meeting. If at all possible, I would recommend you go to at least one WW meeting to get the current information & make sure you are starting off properly. Then if you want to do it on line, give it a try.


Good luck to you & congratulations on taking control of your life!




SW 181 :sobbing:


CW 164 :work_out:


WWG 160


PGW 145 :goal:

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