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I have questions about what my heart is doing

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I think my HR is a little high for my exercise level. I was hoping someone could take a gander here and tell me what you think.


1st, I use my HR as an indicator of intensity. When I walk, I sweat alot. I gave up on the talking test because I didn't find it very accurate which is why I started taking my pulse. ANYwho... When I walk, it's brisk. I keep a steady thread and keep good posture. I don't power walk or speed walk like I used to (just not ready for that stage yet) but I do alright and keep my own. However, My HR is anywhere from 87-90% MHR and sometimes even higher. Now I don't FEEL like I am overdoing it. I feel like I got a nice decent sweat inducing walk in but that HR seems high for what I *perceive* my intensity is. My RHR is about 80, when I am finished with a good feeling brisk walk, its 160 and if I walk with speed in mind or a time goal per mile, It gets up to abou 180 and I know that is too high. I am not in good shape, I know that but.. I am not in horrible shape either. I started walking again back in april so this isn't new to me and I used to be a runner and my HR never got that high. (I targeted it around 140 and kept it there). When I walk, I feel perfectly fine except the swelling in my fingers but I've always had that even at my best fit stage. I am not gasping for breath or anything and yes it's hot but I am trying not to walk during the hottest parts of the day. Oh and I walk about 4x a week for 30-60 minutes


I can't go to the dr so I was hoping someone would be willing to look at this and give me a clue or their thoughts. IS this too high or is this ok until I get more fit than I am? Thank you!

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I am not a doctor but my best guess would be that you have high blood pressure and may need medication. Swelling in the extremeties is a big red flag. Definitely try to see a doctor because you can damage your heart if left untreated and especially with your heart rate up that high during a workout. I used to not have medical coverage and if this is the case for you, you should apply for medicaid or something else through your local public health facility. Sometimes people just need medication for a temporary time. Often diet and exercise literally reverse hypertension so you are on the right track, but you must see a doctor to protect your heart and wellness!!!


All the best!!!!!!

(have my MS in physiology, but again, NOT A DOCTOR)

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When I was pregnant with my daughter and gained all of my weight, my blood pressure went up and my hands started doing that swelling thing anytime I was on my feet walking or doing any kind of exercise for more than a few minutes. They would get very red, tight, and itchy all over. After the activity stopped, they would slowly get better. I asked my doctor about it several times and she never knew why it happened. Once I started exercising regularly and losing weight, the hand swelling stopped. I haven't had it happen since November when I started WW. I can't tell you what it is but I think it does have to do with blood pressure which will improve with increased fitness. You should see your doctor however to see if you need medication in the meantime though - you don't want to risk anything. Good luck!



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I was told long ago, that the swelling was just your blood circulating and with your hands pointing down it made for the swelling. I've been doing the Firm for 2 weeks and my hands haven't been swelling, but if I walk the do! I've always tried to move my fingers (flexing/unflexxing) and keep my arms bent and that seems to help. My blood pressure is fine....the dr. says it is fine. Last time I was there (a couple months ago) it was 108-60.


I'm like you though with the heart rate. I don't feel like I'm working (i.e., it feels too easy) if my heart rate is anything below 160. I'm not sure what to tell you about yours going to 180. I'm waiting on my birthday when my dh is going to get me a heart rate monitor and I'll be able to tell more. I know I got mine WAY too high yesterday because my chest started hurting a little over my heart...I won't do THAT again!



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