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Want to change my 'food clock'

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If that title makes any sense...


I am not a breakfast person. I can do with a light lunch. Dinner gets bigger and then I am hungry-ish and snacky all night long. I'd like to switch it around.


I'd rather learn to eat a good size breakfast, healthy lunch & snacks during the day and a smaller dinner. Maybe a light evening snack of some sort.


Anyhow, I don't know how to go about doing this since I always feel so hungry in the evenings and in turn, I feel pretty full when I wake up.


Do you even think it will make a difference? I really believe it will...


Normally I've been having a 2pt breakfast, a 3-4pt lunch and 5-6pts for dinner... the rest snacks.



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Sure you can do it. Start off increasing your breakfast a couple points. Then try and make sure you are eating snacks through out the day. I used to never eat breakfast now I wake up and I gotta have it or I will be off all day.


I eat breakfast at 6:45


have a snack of baby carrots 0pts at 9:30-10am


lunch at 12pm


fruit 1-2pt snack at 3pm


dinner normally at 7 since I work 10 hour days


then a light desert snack around 8-8:30



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I'm sort of similar, in that breakfast is definitely my lightest meal of the day and the one I'm most likely to skip. I really want breakfast if I had a very light dinner the night before, just because then I wake up hungry. So maybe try cutting back on the nighttime snacks and then your breakfast intake will naturally increase? That might mean making sure that your dinner is filling and the kind of stuff that 'sticks with you' for the rest of the evening. For me, that means a bit of protein and fat along with lots of filling veggies.



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Trying to make a lifestyle change!

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Sometimes we fall into that habit because we are "points hoarders." That means we skimp on food at breakfast and lunch to make sure we have enough points for the evening.


I am that way.


One solution is to begin you WW day, for points purposes, right before dinner. You won't be able to eat all your day' points because the day has just begin, and you will need to keep a reasonable amount for the breakfast and lunch that follows.


Doing it that way may get you the results you want.


There is no rule in WW that says your day has to begin when you wake up.

:) Smiling Fred :)


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WW goal - 200

My goal - 180

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