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Diabetes on WW?

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Not a lot...

Good healthy eating



Frequent small meals...... Sound familier?

about 40% of WW are challenged by diabetes. MANY show real improvement after losing just 10% of their body weight....some are even able to reduce or eliminate drugs.

sounds like good news:salut




B4 & After: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=202124

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My mom is getting inspired by my 30 lb weight loss - but not enough to go to meetings.


She's an insulin dependent diabetic.


If I can get her started enough to see results, maybe I can get her to meetings.


Would she go by the regular points scale?



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I believe at meetings they have sheets or booklet about diabetes- at least they used to with suggestions on how to adapt for that.


If you are a meetings member- ask at the desk.


Good Luck

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currently- you don't want to know

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Hi! I've been diabetic for about seven years and am on pills to control my blood sugar levels. I've been on WW for about four week and have lost 13 pounds. I feel so much better already. I have more energy and have a much easier time waking up each morning. My blood sugar levels have been in the normal range for the first time in years.


It has been difficult for my body to adjust to the massive drop in sugar, carbohydrates, and bad fats that I was feeding on before I started WW. However, the results I have seen in just four weeks have been great. I don't feel constantly tired, hot, flushed and moody. I'm no longer sweating constantly from sky high blood sugar levels. It's great!


I would really encourage your Mom to try this new lifestyle. You have to really push yourself through the first couple of weeks and the adjustments it will bring, but it's worth it. I also think that it's important to make sure you follow the healthy guidelines list that will help ensure that you are using your points on healthy food. Water intake has also been an important key to the program.


I really hope that your Mom decides to try this. Ultimately, it will be her choice. My family tried to get me on some sort of program for years, but I wouldn't do it until I was ready. I finally decided that it was easier to try to lose the weight and eat healthy than to live with the consequences that diabetes always brings. Good luck and congratulations on your success!

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I am a W W follower and my DH is a newly diagnosed diabetic. We start a session of classes on Tuesday for diabetes. This past month I have been watching the carbs in our evening meals. He has been testing his blood sugar one meal each day. So far his counts have been great and on the low side. He has given up the chips with his lunch sandwich and cut out his stash in his 'private reserve' of Nestle Crunch Bars, Costco Cookies and ice cream. My DH does not need to loose weight and he is an avid walker so those are not our problems. The biggest problem he has is to keep his blood levels level as he takes blood thinners. He's not suppose to eat a lot of green vegetables. It makes cooking a challange.


I would think a W W diet would be an excellent choice for your mother as long as she watches her carbs. I know a diabetic diet use to be exchanges like the old W W programs but now I'm told it is all about carbs.


Did your mother ever attend classes for Diabetics. Maybe she can get a referal from her Dr. Or she could be refered to a dietition to help her make a food plan. Of course she has to want to make changes and I know they aren't easy. My DH went through the days of denial and anger. Thankfully he is past that now, especially since his buddies have told him they are also diabetics and he didn't know that.



ann p

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Thank you Bright Future and anninsd,

I do understand that it's my Mom's choice - it has to be or it won't work. I know that from my own weight loss experience.


I just figured, as long as she's asking questions, I'll get her some answers. I will see her for lunch tomorrow, and will share with her both your comments. I will also ask for info at my Monday meeting for her. If she won't go to meetings, I can work with her. It'll give us one more thing in common to talk about! :bcb_smile


The quick results are certainly a plus and an impetus to keep going - my BP, triglycerides, etc have all dropped since I started WW. Thanks for the congrats, too. I have about 35 - 40 pounds to go, but am feeling very confident about my ability to take it off and keep it off.


Thanks again - great input!


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I would think also that diabetics would do well on WW. However, there is a lot of room for individuality with the flex and core programs. We are told to makes sure we eat so many points of fruits and veggies, good oil and milk and 35 points of your choice; I think someone with diabetes should plan a balanced diet and make sure points are not empty.

I was in WW in the early 90s when we ate so may portions of specific food groups and had floaters. That may have been more similar to a diabetic diet but you can make your points count.

I am not (yet) diabetic but with my weight my doctor keeps careful check of my sugar level. My blood pressure has dropped to low with my weight loss and when my blood work is done I expect to find a number of areas much improved.


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