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Running/Jogging websites???

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Hello! I am fairly new to running/jogging and I was looking for good websites but could not find any, can anyone help me out? I was mainly looking for ones that tell me how to run and how to increase my time running. When you started running did you lose more weight? Mine seems to have stayed the same.:bcb_yuck: Any help or advice you can give would be great. Thanks.

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Thats a great website that Padre linked.


As far as weight goes, I didn't notice any weight change for probably 3-4 months but my friends swore I was losing size in that time. Then all of a sudden the pounds just went away. I lost probably 6 pounds in a few weeks which is unreal since I only had about 10 to lose.

It might take a while for you to see the results but keep it up, I'm in a smaller size at a higher weight than when doing any other exercise.

Have fun running!


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