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Looking for low-point pizza recipe

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I use the flat out light bread for my crust...salsa for my sauce...and top with either turkey pepperoni or morningstar crumbles with a little taco seasoning mixed in and then I load it up with bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms and whatever else I have in the refrigerator...then top it off with some Kraft FF shredded cheese....this comes to 4-5 points for the whole thing and it is so yummy and filling.

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If you can find the "western bagel" alternative pita's - they make a good pizza base for 1 point. Otherwise I believe sarah lee makes a 2 pt pita.


Toast it slightly first, in the toaster oven or regular oven, then top with 1/4 cup of sauce (0 or 0.5 pts check your brand) 1/4 cup park skim mozz (2 pts) and throw it in the oven to melt.

I also like adding the Hormel Turkey pepperoni to it - makes it taste even more real! (17 slices for 2 points!)

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Go to the recipe boards--I posted a great recipe for pizza crust and I have included some topping suggestions. You can make your own pizza (8-10 inch!!) for 5-7 pts.!!!!!



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This thread has my favorite pizza recipe and even my family loves it:




You can play around with substitutions. I use a tube of the reduced fat cresent rolls for the crust and Boca crumbles instead of beef. I also use the 2% grated mozarella cheese. I also add a can of mushrooms. Just add up the total points for the dish, then divide by the number of servings. YUMMMMM!!!!


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