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Vitamuffins On Ebay

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I have been using this bulletin board for months now and have gotten a lot of great tips. I felt compelled to share......I have had trouble finding Vitamuffins, and like many of you, didn't want to ante-up for shipping, not knowing if I'd even like them. Well I found Vitatops on e-bay. ( My exclamation point is broken, otherwise I would've used it). I may be creating competition for myself, but hopefully there will be more auctions to come. Good luck :kiss: :kiss: (kinda).

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Make sure where you getting them from, have them kept, and send them frozen. I would hate to have you get bad muffins.

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I got this from HG today.




HG's We're Thankful for VitaTops






Why are we thankful for guilt-free muffin tops this holiday season?


Each one has just 100 calories...


They're PACKED with fiber (5 - 6g each!)...


They are SO low in fat -- 1.5g fat or less each...


AND THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't be a turkey... Gobble up this offer before it's gone!


Here's what you'll get:


* 7 Golden Corn VitaTops

* 6 Deep Chocolate VitaTops

* 6 HG-Developed Double Chocolate Dream VitaTops

* 6 HG-Developed Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip VitaTops


That's 25 YUM-TASTIC VitaTops for just $30.00 and the SHIPPING is FREE with promo code: HGThankYou2

Free shipping offer excludes UPS Next Day Air Shipments.hgsec_title.gif


We're thankful

for VitaTops!!!






Offer expires midnight 11/14/07




highest weight: 296

Restart WW: 286.2

Current Weight:270

100 Days of Exercise Challenge: 28/100



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