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Boca burgers?

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Hi everyone!!

I'm going to the store later and am thinking of buying some Boca burgers although I'm a little squeemish about them. How does everyone like them and which kind are the best?






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My husband grills out hamburgers every Saturday for the dog and himself. I have him grill a Boca burger for me. I eat it on a 1 point hamburger bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle, mustard and it only counts as 2 points total. I ususally buy the flame grilled ones. They took me a little getting used to but now I don't think I could stomach the real thing. You have to watch the NI on the different type burgers because some of them are more points than others. I have also bought the Morning Star brand, I think it is called and to me they are all about the same. Give them a try because they are not really that costly.


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Boca burgers rock!!


I heat mine in the microwave and put on a 1 pt. bun. Top with dill pickles and BBQ sauce (KC Masterpiece makes a low cal. one!). If you use the veggie Boca burger (1 pt.), you can have the whole thing for 2 pts.!!! Talk about a deal!!!



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