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Eating my daily points

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So this might not be the right place to post this and it may be a redundant question, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway! I'm doing weight watchers from home on my own (with just a bit of info and a couple of books). I was curious about eating my points. I'm usually not hungry enough to even eat all of my 20-point allowance--usually about 18 points and I'm full. I don't think I've touched into my extra 35 points since I've started (except for one weekend when I had a few drinks). I was just wondering if it's all that important to eat the full 20 points (even if I'm not hungry)? I do remember that when I did weight watchers about 4 or 5 years ago that I had a range of 18-21 points, so I was wondering if the 18 points is still ok. Any pointers would be helpful! Thanks!

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It is important to eat your Target Points. When WW went from Winning Points to Flex Points & Turnaround, they added a couple of Points to everyone's minimum. I think they found that people weren't eating enough and had trouble losing weight. Those other 35 Points are optional, if you don't need them that's OK. But there is no particular virtue in not using them. They are part of the program and if you want them (yes even for drinks) that's fine too.


On WW you need to eat enough, and you learn to eat well.


The current WW program has you use this quiz to figure your Target Points. It may be higher or lower than 20 for you. In addition to your weight, the Quiz factors in your age, height, and basic activity level.


If you have trouble eating all of your Points, you might want to do a couple of things:


1) Check those healthy 8s. Are you getting your dairy? Your oils? Protein? Whole grains? Maybe sub. some fruit instead of veggies?


2) Lose some of the "diet food" and go back to full fat cheese, regular bread, maybe add in some nuts or dried fruit, or the like.


You might want to go to a meeting sometime and pick up current materials. Some people who have trouble meeting the minimums on Flex do well on Core.





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