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Smoothie Question

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OK heres my question.....i have the Edy's 1/2 fat cookie-n-cream. Im just wondering if this still makes it 3pts or is it more more?



heres the recipe i found.......



* Exported from MasterCook *

Cookies and Cream Smoothie - 3 Points


Recipe By : Verna in W/W Forum

Serving Size : 2 Preparation Time :0:00

Categories : Drinks, Non-Alcohol


Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method

-------- ------------ --------------------------------

1 cup light ice cream -- cookies and cream

1/4 cup 1% low-fat milk

1 small banana -- quartered


1. Place all ingredients in blender, process until smooth.


2. Pour into chilled glasses.


NOTES : The following nutritional information was provided with the recipe: 157 Calories/3.2 Fat Grams/0.8 Fiber Grams; W/W Points: 3.

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It's two points for the banana and milk, so just calculate the points for the Edy's and add that to the two points to get your total. I put this into the WW recipe builder, but it didn't have Edy's in their list of possible ingredients.



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ok well for the ice cream 1/2 cup (a serving size) is 2pts...so that means one cup would be 4pts...then adding the other 2 for the milk and banana would make it 6pts???? wow thats alot for a smoothie...lol

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