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Points for persimmons?

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I bought a case of persimmons at Costco's and absolutely love them. They're the kind that look like a tomato (flat on the top and bottom) - I think they're called fuyu persimmons. How many points are in one?

SW: 224 lbs

CW: 162 lbs :bcb_march

GW: 145 lbs


Goodbye 220's...210's...200's...190's...180's...170's...

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My WW food companion book shows that they're 2 points for 1 (2 1/2 inches in diameter or 6 oz.)



SW: 198.6

CW: 175.2

GW: 130


This is my journey, and I won't let a little pebble in my pathway become a boulder. I'll just kick it out of the way and keep moving forward! :bcb_march

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