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Paris Madeleine

Selu Smoothie

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I call this the "Selu Smoothie" because, well, I came up with it. *lol*


I make enough for 2 LARGE servings; because ingredients can be swapped in and out, the POINTS vary and if made with Core ingredients, it can be Core too.


In my VitaMix (in order of placement):


2 cups Dannon plain yogurt (I use the full-fat kind) (8)

3 heaping cups fruit of choice (points vary here, usually 2-3 points)

2 scoops Designer Whey protein powder (4)

2 tbsp sugar-free syrup of choice or Splenda packets or nothing (0)

1-2 tbsp extract(s) of choice (0)

2 scoops Primal Defense (0; optional)


Typically, I use strawberries, praline-flavored Designer Whey, vanilla syrup and almond extract OR 1 cup each peaches, mango, crushed pineapple with vanilla syrup and 1 tbsp each orange and lemon extracts. Good stuff!


Basic recipe, will work with any of your preferences. My smoothie due to yogurt choice is 8 points per 2 heaping cups (or half the batch). It would be Core and less points if I used fat-free plain yogurt and silken tofu or eggs for the protein powder.


I place all in the blender in that order and blend starting at 5 and moving slowly to 8 on the VitaMix, or until it's completely blended. On crazy days, I will take the entire batch in a quart jar and make it breakfast and lunch at work. It tastes sooo good to me that I can hardly believe it's chock full of nutrients; plus it's incredibly filling, this fills me like a very LARGE meal.


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