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Ordered Firm Paid for S&H Twice...

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I ordered the special online, and when I ordered it I paid 19.99 S&H. When it arrived to me in Ontario, Canada, I had to pay $17.90 for S&H, C.O.D!!! Has anyone else had this problem? I am most definately going to write the company, I am really upset about this. Nowhere did it say it would cost almost 40.00 bucks to have it delivered!!!:bcb_mad2


On one hand online shopping is great on the other hand....:bcb_mad:

S/W - 204 (Jan/06) 210.6 (Apr/09)

C/W - 183.0

GOAL - 150/140(is it possible?)

Goodbye Pregnancy Weight:bcb_mad:

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Hey Trysha,


I'm in Alberta and I feel your frustration but I think what you paid for is not shipping and handling but customs. Anything that comes across the border is subject to a customs fee and applicable GST. The carrier might have called it shipping & handling but my documents showed it was for customs. as the same thing happened to me in the spring. I know it doesn't make you feel any better but this is yet another joy of not having any of these things available in Canada....the Gov't will always get its share :)


Cheers and Happy New Year.

Highest weight 205

Goal Weight - 155

Achieved Lifetime 08/25/2007

Current Weight - 160 (November 2010)

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