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About to join....what are my must have foods to keep me on program?

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I am brand new to this forum and am very excited I found it! I am about to start WW next week. I have done WW in the past and been sucessful at loosing about 10 lbs but unfortunatly I gained it back. This round I would like to loose 10-20 lbs by summer. I can't recall the must have foods I should keep in the house to keep me on program. I plan to do the points program. Of course veggies are obvious, but what other foods/snacks helped you get through those first few weeks on the plan?


Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!!

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Welcome to the BCB,


When I first started out my cupboard included the following:


Vegetables: green beans (frozen & canned); carrots & celery; lots of ready made salad; fat free salad dressing - heavy on fat free italian (watch the sodium); cucumbers.


Fruit: stuff that is easy to transport - lots of apples; bananas; berries; melons; canned fruit - packed in own juices or water - my favorite is pineapple and ff applesauce.


Meat: lots of chicken and turkey - fat free or low fat.


Dairy: skim milk, fat free yogurt, fat free cottage cheese, laughing cow cheeze (low fat).


Snacks: WW ice cream bars; 94% fat free microwave popcorn; baked crackers (reduced fat); WW mini bars.


Carbs: usually tried to stay with Core cereal - shredded wheat, puffed wheat or rice; 5 grain whole wheat bread; whole wheat spaghetti; oatmeal; potatoes.


But probably the key thing for me was portion control so I did weigh and measure at first to sort of get an idea of what a portion should look like.



Life is good.

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Welcome to BCB, lovetoshop. :wave: Here are the 8 Healthy Guidelines recommend by WWs. Find a home board or two and post often for support. :salut


Don't forget about the 8 healthy guidelines. IMO, they are just as important as the number of points you eat if not more so.


1. Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits each day.

2. Choose whole-grain foods, such as brown rice and oats, whenever possible.

3. Include 2 servings of milk products (low-fat or fat free) each day.

4. Have some healthy oil (olive, canola, safflower, sunflower, or flaxseed) each day. This habit ensures that you get the essential fatty acids and vit. E that your body needs. Use the oil on salads, in cooking, or as an ingredient in a mixed dish.

5. Ensure that you are getting enough protein by choosing at least a serving or two of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dried beans, or soy products each day. Many milk products are also good sources of protein.

6. Limit added sugar and alcohol.

7. Drink at least 6 glasses of water each day.

8. Take a multiple vitamin-mineral supplement each day.

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