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Canned green peas (zero point question)

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On flex, a serving of canned green peas is zero points per my calcuator, but if you eat the whole can "3.5 half cup servings", then I believe the calories, fat and fiber calculate to 2 points. How do you all handle this in your point journaling?


My dad for example ate a lot of peas claiming they were zero point...


Any other examples of how zero point items can turn into 1-2 or more point items?




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Green peas are relatively high in sugar and calories as veggies go and if you eat enough they do add up to Points. Other veggies like this include winter squash, pumpkin, lima beans, and the like.


There are veggies, such as lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, etc., hat are 0 Points not matter how much you eat.



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That WW article offers a very good explanation of how zero points can add up to points.



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