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I just received WW magazine and tried one of the recipes.

It's called WWM's Pizza Hot Dish in the Jan-Feb issue. :bcb_confu I don't know.

I won't repeat it. It tasted fine but it was a small portion for 5 points and was loaded with sodium. They transformed it from 12 points. Maybe if you just need to taste decadence OK, and with Superbowl it's a great education on how to reduce points and keep flavor, but not for me. I am used to being satisfied with recipes that have lots of veggies. Maybe I have been trying Core for so many weeks it seems "unclean." Ingredients include 5% fat ground beef, reduced-fat spaghetti sauce, can of reduced fat cream of chicken soup, reduced-fat cheddar, turley pepperoni and olives. As I said, it tasted fine, but if I wasn't on such a roll with weight loss, I could have eaten 4 portions. And I don't binge.


Would be interested to see if anyone else has tried it.


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I haven't tried this one - but I find in general that WW recipes are very hit-and-miss. I have found some recipes that are surprisingly tasty and filling, while with others either the portion size (for me) is a bit of a joke or the recipe is bland, bland, bland...


I have also begun inputting some of my old non-WW recipes into Sparkrecipes.com. I was happy to find that I could ressurect some old favorite "non-diet" recipes that happen to be lower point.


Thanks for posting. I will put this one on my "do not try" list. :bcb_bigsm



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I think we all have our threshold of "diet" foods. For some fat free sour cream is loved and used, for me, I use regular. I use Splenda in my coffee but I use sugar elsewhere. I think if you've been doing Core, you probably will be disappointed with some of these foods. Hang in there. I'm sure you could conjure up something more to your taste.

Amy-SAHM of 4


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Starting WW's new plan (again for the millionth time) 1/2/12

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