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"Over-doing" it at the gym??

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Hello there,


I'm fairly new to the boards, but have been pondering this issue for the past few days and wanted some input.


I started Weight Watchers 15 weeks ago, and at the same time, I also joined began seeing a personal trainer at my gym.


I started going to the gym everyday and counting and sticking to my WW points exactly. I have seen awesome results.


In exactly 15 weeks, I am down 45.2 lbs, for an average of just over 3 lbs per week. I think this is healthy, eventhough I've heard some people say that you should really only lose 1 lb per week for it to be safe. (on a side note, my starting weight was 285.6, so it's not like I'm smaller and dropping weight quickly... I know it comes off faster the more you have to lose).


I have to admit, the results have really gotten me super motivated and I enjoy going to the gym. It makes me feel better, I have a ton more energy and I love the people there. So, I find myself going to the gym quite often. One of the club managers recently called me aside and wanted to make sure I wasn't "over-doing" it. I hadn't even thought about it, but now that she mentioned something, I am starting to get paranoid that I am working out too much.


Here's what my basis week looks like for workouts :


Monday : 45 minute Body Pump class (like weight lifting aerobics) in the AM, 45 minute evening cardio workout (either running on treadmill or the elliptical)


Tuesday : 45 minute swim in the AM, 45 minute cardio at night


Wednesday : 45 minute swim in the AM, 30 minute weight training with trainer at lunch, 30 minute cardio in the evening.


Thursday : 45 minute swim in the AM, evening Kickboxing class 45 minutes.


Friday : 45 minute swim in the AM, 30 minute weight training at lunch


Saturday : Usually a swim in the morning and 30 minute run in the afternoon, with a 30 minute bike ride following (I'm training for a Sprint triathlon in the fall)


Sunday : 45 minute swim in the AM, 30 minute run in the PM


I do not feel like I am over working my body and I do not do weights every day. I only do them 3x per week and let my body rest in between. As far as the cardio goes, if I am too tired or hurting, I do not do it, but that is usually not the case. I have lots of energy and I'm only 28 years old.


Do you think this is too intense and that I'm "over-doing" it, or does this seem okay? My trainer said that she thinks I'm fine and as long as I'm not pushing myself to the point of hurting or feeling run down. I am second guessing what I'm doing now though, since the "talk" the manager had with me.


Any thoughts?





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Since you are working with a professional trainer, I would listen to the trainer and not anybody else. As long as you are making progress you are doing fine, and if you ever show signs of over-training your trainer should spot it. If you are really unsure what to do, talk to your trainer and said the manager spoke to you.


I'm amazed that you can find the time for that much working out.


Since you have athletic goals (like training for a triathalon) then you might easily work out more than you need to if your goals are general health and fitness.


Even elite athletes usually take a rest day every week though. My dd's swim coach always gives them Sunday off.


I have heard that the guideline for weight loss is really more like around 1% of your body weight, and for most of us that really is .5 to 2 lb. per week. One reason for that is you can get complications from rapid weight loss so if you are going to lose quickly you really need to be under a doctor's care. WW leaders are not prepared for that. And again, since you are working with a trainer, you should be OK.


If you are not eating your activity points I strongly suggest you consider starting. Not to slow you down, but to make sure you are getting enough nutrition in terms of protein and fuel to support the activity.


Good luck!



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Eat your APs and remember, it's okay to take a rest day. Your body will thank you! :) Jennifer M. (our resident trainer) says you can make it an 'active' rest day like playing at the park with your family, or taking a light walk. Personally, I'm in awe of your fitness level. :salut Best wishes on your race. :wave:

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just make sure you take a rest day at least every two weeks and most importantly when your body tells you it's time for a day off take it.


In all honesty 1.5 hours of cardio a day isn't over working it at all. Just think if you walked 5 miles a day you would be going for about that length of time.


BUT great job!


Keep it up!

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First off - big congrats on the weight loss! Must feel great to be 45 lbs. lighter! :bcb_bravo

Sounds like you are dedicated and having great success. As far as the exercise, I am not a doctor or a personal trainer so I'm only speaking from personal experience. However, I have trained for a marathon and am pretty athletic myself. You are working out 2X per day every single day of the week with no rest. That does seem excessive. There is an actual compulsive exercise-type disorder but only a professional can diagnose it. Most compulsive disorders are characterized by the behavior becoming more nad more important and taking the place of friends, family, work, other life activities, and impairing functioning. Seems like your workouts are a very positive thing in your life and as long as they are not interfering with other parts of your life and are making you happy. I would check into it for your own knowledge and mention it to your trainer/doctor.

In case, as stated above........big kudos on your big change.

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Guest Hearts&Flowers

Congratualtions on your amazing success. You are highly motivated and I think it's wonderful that you are getting encouragement from this board.


I too have a personal trainer and work out with weights 3x per week. MY PT is not a doctor, does not have a degree in nutrition and IMO does not always know what is right for MY body. I am much more careful than she is about making sure that I am not injured.


When I was your age (I'm 46) I went through periods of obsessive exercise and would follow them with periods of doing little or nothing. Today I have problems with my knees and my shoulders all do to over training. At the time I felt no pain and only an increase in energy.


I really think it's grand that you feel so good and are doing so well. I just want to caution you that you may be doing damage that will not show up for years. Ask yourself some questions about your knees. Are they taking a pretty good pounding when you are doing your cardio? What are the long term implications of doing lunges and squats on days that you are doing 45 minutes of cardio?


I don't want you to be discouraged!! Just make sure that you are not hurting yourself. I'm writing to you because I think I knew (deep down) that I was over doing the exercise back then. I just believed that the way I looked and my weight loss was more important. I'm reminded of this error in thinking every time I walk up and down a flight of steps.


Keep up the good work -- you are a fantastic example of the success you can achieve while sticking to the program.

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congrats on your self discipline and motivation!


when i saw your schedule, my mind immediately jumped to what sarahbeara mentioned, about compulsive exercising. i am also not a doctor by any means, and maybe that came to my mind because i study psychology and took a class in psychopathology, which includes eating disorders/other compulsive disorders.


i know that if i, personally, worked out THAT much, eventually i would get burned out and probably just stop altogether. sometimes i have weeks where i go to the gym every day, but i don't do nearly as much exercise as you are describing. i try to aim for 4-5 workouts a week, and that seems to work for me.


that being said, if it is working for you and if your personal trainer has some kind of background studying such things and thinks its ok (if not, you may consult with a doctor), then i say go for it! i think it's great that you jumped in with such enthusiasm, and it sounds like it is something that makes you happy. just take care of yourself!

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I really think you need to take a day off. If you feel the need to do SOMETHING every day, then make your "day off" one where you do something low-intensity - like a long walk or an easy bike ride, or a stretching class/video.


You really do need to rest your body or you WILL crash and burn, or get injured. (Not all injuries are acute or sudden - some are the "overuse" type - like tendonitis or carpal-tunnel syndrome - that take weeks to develop)


As to how much to do per day, that's really a matter of personal judgment, and listening to your body. Athletes routinely do "double" workouts, but most of us regular citizens can keep reasonably fit (for daily life activities, that is) with 30-60 minutes 3 to 5 times a week. It really depends on your fitness goals, and how they relate to your other life goals.


Although I am a personal trainer, I am also a wife, mother, daughter, teacher, scientist (by training), gardener, book-club member, and taxi-driver (for my kids' activities). What I mean is that, for me, exercise is a means to an end, not the end itself. I workout so that I may enjoy life more fully.


What I mean is that you should exercise to live, not live to exercise. As long as your exercise goals support your overall life goals (which would include staying injury-free and living healthfully), then you are not exercising "too much."


- Jennifer

ACE-certified Personal Trainer

& WW Lifetime Member



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