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First meeting thoughts

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I don't know how it is at your location but in my town we have a ww center. There they have meetings at all different times plus they have regular business hours where you can just come and weigh in or buy some products. Maybe if you have a center like that, you could go on your lunch or another time to weigh in, when there aren't so many people there, and then go to the meeting another time.


Like for me, I went to the center on a Wednesday afternoon and signed up because I was frustrated and didn't want to wait. Then I actually go to meetings and weigh in at a church near my house on Friday mornings.


The other thing is that if you didn't like the leader (which you may not know because you didn't get to actually see the meeting) then I suggest you go a different time. Go to ww online and put your zip code in. There might be alternative meeting sites for your area.


Also, if you click the marketplace tab at the top of the weight watchers site you can order some of the products online.



Started WW on 1/16/08 and took time off to have a baby in 2010

SW 285.6/Lowest weight 230.4/CW 255.4/Next goal 230

"If I was smarter than the program, I wouldn't need the program" ~CW

"Don't stuff your face, face your stuff!" ~Amy, the best leader EVER!

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I am also one of those people that have been on WW many times. I think you have to do what works for you. Some people can do it on ther own and then there are people like me that have to be accountable and stick with the meetings even if I have heard it all before. I also seem to always make one or two really good friends at the meeting, so that helps. I am positive that with my weekly meeting and the BCB support I will not only make my goal, but finally keep the weight off.





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