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Walking fast vs walking steeply

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I've discovered that (after warming up) I can get my heart rate up to my target range when I walk at 3.8 mph at a 10% incline. I can also accomplish the same result when I slow jog at 5 mph. My perceived level of exertion is the same (although I feel a little less breathless doing the inclined walk).


Would you say that the two workouts are equivalent? I enjoy the inclined walk a bit more.


btw, I've been working out for over a year and am in good shape physically (still waiting for my "outside" body to catch up with my "inside" body).

SW: 224 lbs

CW: 162 lbs :bcb_march

GW: 145 lbs


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Interesting question - I am just guessing, but I'd think they were pretty much equivalent. It might be that you are working different parts of your legs/muscles with the different methods.


Maybe you could alternate the two on different days - or do the incline twice for every one time you do the slow jog?


Sounds like you are doing well with your exercise

- and I'm sure your "outside" will catch up :)




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Hi there,


The biggest difference in your two workouts is the impact to your joints. You are probably burning more calories when you jog, as well, but if your perceived exertion is about the same, then the difference is not appreciable.


Therefore, I would say you should stick with whatever you enjoy the most (or are likely to stick with the most). If you get bored with walking, you could switch up your workouts - run one day, "hike" the next day.


There really is no one right "exercise" for everyone and all time. So go with what feels right for you. Of course, working out in your target heart rate zone is great for your heart and lung system. But it doesn't really matter HOW you get into that zone....


- Jennifer

ACE-certified Personal Trainer

& WW Lifetime Member



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