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Eating out Mexican

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I am going out tonight for dinner to a Mexican restaurant....I LOVE mexican food and margaritas! BUT I know that I can not have a marg bc they are @ 10 points each!!!!!

I am eating very low point food all day to save points for dinner, I should have about 12-14 left for dinner.....

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to order???

It is not a chain and they dont have the NI info anywhere....


Megan :p:p:p

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When I eat Mexican I usually get the fajitas you build yourself, and then not eat the wrap, just the chicken and the beans. OR I get a salad, like I did at Chevy's last night. BUT you have to be careful. Order dressing on the side, and make sure it is low fat or fat free. Also ask them to leave off or lighten up on the cheese. And if there is a SHELL, treat yourself to a few bites, but avoid eating the whole thing. If they put chips on the table, try to avoid those too. Before you know it, you blow your 10 points on chips! Have fun, and remember that the best part of eating out is that you aren't cooking!!

Kim in NJ

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My DBF and I always share an order of chicken fajitas. We ask for flour and corn tortillas (corn for me). I usually eat about 3 of them and load them up with salsa and pico. I let him eat all of the rice and beans so it works out great. Count out your tortilla chips beforehand to make sure you don't overeat. If you really want a drink (alcoholic) skip the marg and get a light beer. :)


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My tips for eating Mexican:


1. Stay away from the chips and salsa, unless you're the kind of person who can get "just a few" (I'm not)

2. Stay away from the margaritas, oh so good, but oh so many points. A margarita is 47 calories per oz, so you can estimate the points if you know how many oz is being served. If you want an alcoholic beverage how about one beer or a lite beer, or a glass of wine

3. Substitute black beans for refried beans

4. Substitute corn tortillas for flour tortillas

5. Ask for things like sour cream, guacamole and cheese to be held (or at least on the side)

6. Fajitas are a good choice since you can control what you put into them, just be aware that most restaurants use oil to cook the meat and veggies

7. Stay away from things that say "fried", " smothered" and "stuffed"

8. Don't be afraid to try some of the fish dishes, just avoid those with word in #7

9. Don't be afraid to use some of your Weekly POINTS Allowance to enjoy your dinner


Check to see if the restaurant you're going to has the nutritional information listed. If no, check websites like calorieking.com and dietfacts.com to get an idea of the nutritional information on some of your favorite dishes. Chevy’s and On the Border are Mexican restaurants that do provide nutritional information. Check them for similar items as well.



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One thing you could do is go the night you have your weigh in, or the next day, so you have a week to clean out and get rid of what you ate. This is a trick I employ occasionally. :bcb_grin


When I go to a Mexican restaurant, I usually get one item (like an enchilada) a la carte. No beans, no rice, just the enchilada, just a few of the chips.


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