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When is 1 pt not 1 pt anymore???

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I got to thinking last night about this. I have some mini cupcakes that are 1 pt and some 100 calorie popcorn that is 1 pt but if I eat them both together I can't count all the fiber so they are not 1 pt each anymore right?? They are 1 pt for the cupcakes but 2 points for the popcorn. Is that right or wrong??



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Interesting question.


I've always counted the fiber as 1 serving of whatever I'm eating.


Therefore, I'd count the points for the cupcakes and include the fiber and then I'd count the points for the popcorn, also including the fiber since they are 2 totally different foods.


I would cap the fiber when I'm having 2 servings of the same thing. Progresso's 0 point soup is a perfect example of this. If you have 1 serving, the fiber takes it down to 0 points, but if you eat the whole can, I believe it's 2 points, due to the fiber cap.


I could be totally wrong though as I've just recently started doing flex again and I may still be fuzzy on all the rules.


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I agree with Pandorra - count each food separately.


edited to say - I also count each food separately when I put them together in something like a bowl of cereal - in other words, I count my oatmeal, then count any fruit that I add as a separate item.




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I agree with the others, 1 pt. for the cupcake and 1 pt. for the popcorn.


But if instead you have 2 cupcakes or 2 servings of popcorn, you should recalculate the Points.



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