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Changing your points up

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My friend and I are both at 20 points per day right now. We're both students and both work in the navy reserves. We're both wondering if or how much we should change our points over the summer, because from April-August, she's a full time cook and I'm an engineering roundsman, both on navy ships. So it's quite a change from the every day life of a student to jobs where we're on the go all day, have messed up sleep schedules due to middle of the night watches, and also have weird eating patterns. I ALWAYS gain weight on my navy contracts.


So we both have agreed we should make adjustments, but we're not sure of how much. And that is my question! :bcb_smile How much?


SW: 148.5

CW: 128.6

GW: 120

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Take a look at #5 on the points quiz and that might help you figure out how many more points you should have a day.


Your Personal Daily POINTS Target


1 Are you:

Female? .......... Score 2

Male? .......... Score 8

A nursing mom*? .......... Score 12


2 How old are you?

17** - 26 .......... Score 4

27 - 37 ..........Score 3

38 -47 .......... Score 2

48 - 58 .......... Score 1

Over 58 .......... Score 0


3 What do you weigh?

Enter the first 2 digits of your weight in pounds.

For example, if you weigh 175, enter 17. If you weigh less than 100 pounds, enter the first digit of your weight in pounds, i.e. for 98, enter 98.


4 How tall are you?

Under 5'1" .......... Score 0

5'1" to 5'10" .......... Score 1

Over 5'10" .......... Score 2


5 Do you spend most of your day:

Siting down? .......... Score 0

(e.g. as a receptionist, bus driver, cab driver)

Occasionally sitting, but mainly standing? .......... Score 2

(e.g. sales person, housewife, cook, teacher)

Walking most of the time? .......... Score 4

(e.g. waiter, mailman)

Doing physically hard work most of the time? .......... Score 6

(e.g. nurse, gardener, construction worker)

The total is your daily POINTS Target***


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If your shifts are more than 8 hours, you can also consider adding more points as Activity Points (probably for "light" intensity, but they do add up).



Original SW 175 (1996)

2008 stats: SW 153.6 12/31/07 ~ HW 156.0 09/15/08 ~ CW 153.2 09/22/08 ~ GW 137 ~ PGW 130

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