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Post vacation weight... loss???

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No congratulations are necessary, I didn't do anything other than drink the water in Mexico. :bcb_cry: I certainly didn't stay OP, that's for sure. The trip was 100% worth the TD, but for about three days now I haven't been able to hold down any food. Liquids are finally staying down, so I've been drinking WW smoothies for the time being. Wednesday is my normal WI day, so I went today bc I haven't gone for 2 weeks. (Last week I had a dr appt and I can't remember why I missed the week before.) I'm down 5 pounds. It looks so pretty in my little book, the -5!!! lol Realistically, I know this isn't an actual weight loss, it's water weight combined with three days of not being able to eat. Has anyone had any experience with this? Should I expect to gain any or all of it back if I stay OP? Should I try kick start to maintain? I really don't want to gain after such a big (even if not real) loss. :bcb_huh:





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