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The Crux Is: DO THE WORK.

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When I have trouble, I search for ideas...inspiration...something I can hang my hat on for the week, or the day, or the hour! :bcb_smile


Yesterday I was listening to a different subject, but the speaker said, "The crux is, you must do the work." She said, "My book is the Cliff notes version. In order for this to make a difference in your life you must do the exercises in the course, every day, for a year."


So I realized, again, I must do the work. :salut (I've been waiting for the I'll-Do-It-For-You-Fairy, and she hasn't shown up...:bcb_wink3 )


Then I wondered, where do I get the strength and the will?


When I started Flex in 2001 I clung to the quote:


"Strength is the matter of a made-up mind".--Edmund Burke :salut


Okay. My mind's made up. I've got the strength. I have the will.


Now. What to do?


Then I remembered a psychologist who said, "Listen to music that reflects where you are, and then move it progressively to more energetic and happier songs. It will change-your-mood!"


So I decided I would start with listening to music that would change how I feel this morning. It worked! :bcb_bigsm And I decided to start moving to the music and dancing around (getting my metabolism to WAKE-UP :sleepin: )!


I've recharged my Palm, and will keep track of my foods and 8 Greats. I will move to music, aiming for every hour I'm awake for at least a few minutes. I will choose, prepare and eat Core foods to physical satisfaction.:salut


I will do the work. :salut

May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from suffering.


Check out my website! Plant-Powered.com :bcb_smile








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Very motivating post! :)


Part of "Doing the Work" was all the thought you put into it, the planning, thinking it through step by step.


You "searched for ideas", you "realized", you "wondered", you thought of "Strength is the matter of a made-up mind", you "decided" - all mental work you did to prepare to carry out your plan to actually DO THE WORK.


I think many people don't realize the amount of time and effort that has to go into the mental work - the reorganizing of one's thoughts, the "switching off" of negative thoughts, the mental rehearsing of new habits, the searching for what will motivate new habits (there are things that will motivate, but they don't often just fall into our lives - we have to THINK about what they might be, and search for them), and making a list of all the small steps that will lead us to the major goal we have in mind.




WW Goal: 136

Below WW Goal since Dec. 2006

Personal Goal: 118-123

CW: 120.0 (11/18/08)

BMI: 21.8


"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." Wayne Dyer

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Thank you for this post. I have been trying to get motivated. My daughter's wedding is coming up. :bcb_up That helps, but I know no matter what it is a short term goal. So I am trying to develop new habits and a new attitude and think like a thin person, so that I can become one. I guess I have realized there is not thin fairy that is going to do it for me, either. I have found God to be my strength, I feel He led me to you.


I appreciate all the motivation I get by visiting this web site. Thanks again, :bcb_bravo

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Great post-(Carol and Rose)Yes, we must do the work and a great deal of the work is mental. Thanks for putting it into words.




Start(first time W/I)/Current/WWGoal/Personal Goal


April 26, 2008 Began my journey back to Goal.

5-9-08 Began Core

10-25-08-Made goal

12-4-08-Made Lifetime

11-29-09-Starting again



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This is a great post Carol and I am proud to say this stuff has been rolling through my mind since I FIRST started WW on Feb11th. It is work but work you do on YOURSELF is always enlightening and a educational and well worth it.



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This Post is powerful. So many times I sit back and expect change to magically happen. Definition of insanity = when you keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Do the homework...make the gains:bcb_salut



SHARON :exercise2




SW = 158

CW= 154.8 5/30/08

GW= 150

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