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Dilemma - what would you do?

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Ok, so I am going back to Vegas over Labor Day weekend to visit all my friends that I left behind when I moved a year and a half ago. I haven't seen anyone since last December (and miss them desperately). I am trying to get into a size 14 by then (still have 6 weeks to go - TOTALLY doable). Presently, I can probably fit into a 16, but am still wearing my size 18.


My intention has been to go shopping before I leave for Vegas & buy LOTS of cute clothes to wear so I can blow my friends' minds with my slightly shrunken self. Here's the dilemma:


Summer is ending and lots of stores are putting their cute summer clothes on sale and stocking up for fall clothes for back to school. Should I buy the clothes now and save lots of money or should I wait until it is closer to my departure?


My concerns are that I won't be able to try the clothes on, so I won't know how the clothes look on me OR - even worse, what if I'm not at a size 14 by the time I go? On the other hand, if I don't buy stuff soon, I risk not being able to find summer clothes closer to the trip.


What would you do?

See you lighter!!



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Buy two items that are smaller than your current size. One pants or skirt and one top. Otherwise sew your own clothes down a size at the side of your tops, or your pants smaller around the crotch U (this lowers the waist, but that's sexy, no>) and you will be happy with how they fit and feel, and you won't be spending too much money on an uncertainty.


Meanwhile concentrate on doing strength training exercises to convert fat to muscle and make you feel great. Pump up the intensity of your exercise because as you get closer to a 14, and even lower, you will find that you exercise will be the key to maintaining thhe lower size.






CW(July 2010)165






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I would look at the stores return policy first. Some stores will give you 90 days for return with a reciept but if the items go down will only give you the current dollar value in return. Others will not take back sale items at all.


It would probable be safe to buy a few staples you can use when you do lose the weight (and you will) and then fill in the rest right before you go.

Height-5'9 HW-244





Mini goal-200 by vacation ;)!!

(29 pounds, 12 weeks to go)


Tracie :)

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I would buy one or two things that you would want at a smaller size and then one or two things that are fitting you now but not loose. Then when you go they won't be huge on you and you will have longer wear time.


Size 14 is transitional for you anyway -- you don't want to buy too much if you aren't going to be it in too long.




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