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CORE Daily-Friday, August 29

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Hi Buddies


DH and I are safely back from LI for the funeral we went to. It was really very nice, and I am glad we were able to se his widow and offer our prayers and condolences.


Tonight we have a family of 13 coming to stay for the weekend. They have the chance to visit for a few days with their son in the seminary here, and need a place to sleep. I think they will be out most of the time,so we are just providing a place to sleep. I have to do some cleaning and I want to prepare a few things (muffins, small snacks,etc) for them if they need it. I plan on having breakfast ready for them tomorrow-I think they will leave for the day after 9 or so. We are going to the Mass they will be at as well, and I know we will leave by 9:30. Should be a nice day. My DS won't be there (unless there is a surprise from Cornwall !!) but we will get to see many families of seminarians and many priests we have come to know and love over the last many years we have been involved with this order.(I have known them since I was 13 when my brother entered). It's a really nice day- a Mass followed by a big picnic (i'll bring my own to keep it easily CORE for me & DH).


Sunday, DS turns 14, and Monday other DS turns 16. Then Tuesday is DH & my 19th wedding anniversary. We are going to Rhode Island for a couple of days to a really sweet B&B. I can't wait and am crossing my fingers(and toes) that the weather cooperates-we love taking the ferry to Block Island for a day. Hope it's nice. If not, I am sure we will find some other ways to occupy our time:bcb_wink3:bcb_wink3:bcb_wink3


Well, I have to go work out. I have a lot of vacuuming to do...

Have an AWESOME CORE day, everybody. Missed you all for one day-glad to be here today !!!


SW 230

CW 151.8:bcb_march

GW 130

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Good Morning Buddies.

Yesterday a parent who owns a local Chick-fil-A brought everyone on staff a box lunch (Chicken sandwich, coleslaw, chips, brownie and sweet tea). I kindly took it, stuck it in the refrigerator, and brought it home to an elderly neighbor. I ate the lunch I had packed. :bcb_smile Felt good to be in control. When we celebrated my assistants birthday, I ate fruit. I could not have done that last year.

I am so glad it is Friday and a nice long weekend is coming up.

Bridget-13 guests, you must have lots of space. I know you will do great with all the celebrating coming up. Sound like you have a great anniversary planned. :bcb_bravo

Linda-I couldn't find the transFirmer on QVC.:bcb_huh:

Need to get moving as always.




Start(first time W/I)/Current/WWGoal/Personal Goal


April 26, 2008 Began my journey back to Goal.

5-9-08 Began Core

10-25-08-Made goal

12-4-08-Made Lifetime

11-29-09-Starting again



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Good Morning!


Yesterday at work was a blast! The people were so happy to see me back, and I was glad to see all of them! It was a beautiful day and I got to take 6 people out for a stroll in their wheelchairs (something no one else does, I have no idea why!?! :bcb_huh:). It takes so little to make them smile, and I just LOVE to see their smiles :bcb_bigsm. We even had a little "parade". One woman is able to walk, she was in front, a woman in a wheelchair (99 yr old), and a little lady that is just like Sophia from the Golden Girls. In front, Helen was the "majorette", marching and twirling an invisable baton, Evie was singing "When the saints come marching in", and Barbara waddled behind, trying to march, with her purse in the crook of her elbow! It was the cutest thing ever! Sometimes I think I should pay them for this job! :bcb_smile


Today, I watch "Mikey", the 9 month old, I just hope the rain holds off so we can go for a walk to the park. Otherwise, not much planned. I do have to run to the store this evening for some fresh produce.


Bridget~ Glad your trip went well and you're home safe. The weekend sounds fun-filled and busy! Enjoy it! :bcb_bigsm


Sarah~ Good job with the food temptations! I couldn't get the link to work for QVC, but if you go to the home page and hit Fitness DVDs and equipment, you will see it. It actually called TransFIRMation. It has 4 DVDs and adjustable hand weights in a pink case.

Click on the video to see our buddy Joanne and what the workout involves. Looks fun to me :bcb_up.


To all who follow~ I hope you have a great day and enjoy the weekend! :salut



SW- 168


CW- 140


GW- 130

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Morning Buddies! Still in hurricane holding pattern down here. The gas stations and the grocery stores are very busy. (No power means no gas for cars.) I have been too busy to invest a lot of time in preparations, mostly we are trying to get a dead pine tree taken down so that it won't fall on the house. If time allows @ work today I am going to try and make a "hurricane" eating plan for me. I am thinking that those pumpkin muffins would be a good thing to have. If we get in this scenerio eating CORE will be a challenge. Eating anything is a challange w/o refrigeration and electricity. Everything really shifts into "survival" mode; no grocery stores, no restaurants, etc.


My challenge for today is to get through this office lunch unscathed! I arranged it all......I should have made it more CORE friendly. However, it is primarily a bunch of men and I planned it more for their enjoyment thant anything.


Gotta go get dressed.......have a great CORE day everyone!


Sarah - Awesome job on those food choices yesterday!:salut


Bridget - Anyone who has a family of 13 for house guests deserves the Hostess of the Month award. or......something!!!!! You certainly must have the gift of hospitality. Anyway :bcb_bravoto you for being so giving of yourself and your home!!!


Linda - Can I come to work with YOU today?I want in!




"Be passionate enough to succeed......"

David Cottrell






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Sarah, just popping on quick to say I found the Transfirm with the 4 dvd's and the handweights in the little purple case at Walmart. I had watched the qvc ad and it is the same one.

kim....HW 189.0..SW 10/17/14 187.0 CW 185.0~GW 150

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You're right Kim! If you can find it in the store, and not have to pay shipping, it would be just slightly cheaper.








0001871352295_AV_60X60.gif 0001871352295_AV1_60X60.gif


icon_enlarge.gif Enlarge image


























Features & Specifications


The FIRM CardioWeight System is a series of total body workouts that combine cardio with body sculpting in a revolutionary method to sculpt your muscles and tone your body, burning up to three times more fat than cardio alone! Using adjustable hand weights, you gradually increase resistance as you become stronger, leaner and more confident.





The Firm Total Body TransFirmation Cardio Weight System

  • 4 full length FIRM workouts: Cardio Overdrive, Cardio Fusion, Hi-Def Sculpt, Cardio Party
  • Adjustable hand weight set in carrying case, designed to quickly and easily change from 1 pound up to 8 pounds
  • The FIRM Weight Loss Success Guide Book and Workout Rotation Plan
  • The FIRM On-The-Go Guide for Healthy Eating



SW- 168


CW- 140


GW- 130

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Good morning everyone! Well my weigh in is today! I am going to be using the weigh in at home, but every friday, but going to the meeting because I have some questions and....I lost 4 lbs this week! I actually broke 175!!!!

That is a big accomplishment for me, because have been a slow loser.


I am also starting PA school on monday (physician assistant)...and am kinda nervous. Its 4 yrs and im just wondering can I really do this? I do have a great schedule but a kinda tough one, and a brand new huge school...so im a little nervous, but ok.


Have a good day!!

Shani :)


SW 178.6

CW 168.6(last time I will type that number in!)

10% Goal: 162.4

GW 154


Here we go!!!:bcb_march

Looking forward to losing 12 lbs!


Moving on to my 10% goal!:bcbkickbu

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Happy Friday


Orientation went prtty well yesterday....I survived LOL. As soon as we got in there she took off to play and I didn't see her until it was time for ice cream. It is very small class. I think there are only 9 kids with 2 adults. It is only 2 1/2 hours a day in the morning...I hope I am able to take pictures of her first day of pre school through my tears. She wants to go so that is helping.


Big balloon festival starts tonight. There will be tons of core foods up at FIL's house for me for the weekend.


I am going to be a back up sitter for a friend of my sisters. She just adopted a little girl from China and they are coming for a play date this morning. Let the little girl see the house the millions of toys and meet me and the kids. Just about every kid that has come to our house to play doesn't want to leave. With a playroom with everything you can imagine in it tends to make kids want to stay. Then I have an opportunity to watch a baby 2 days a week...flexible 2 days too. DH isn't to crazy about it in the least. It wouldn't start until the end of October and the mom works at the school a block from my house. With him working from home he would be here with all the kids too but he has an office in the basement. I am still working on him....Little extra money and flexible days if we had something going on....not sure I can beat that.


OH we sold the utility trailer to a REAL PERSON....no scammer.....and I have had 2 100% core days the last 2 days


Bridget-glad you trip went well...have fun with all your guests this weekend

Sarah-that was nice of you to give your meal to an elderly neighbor....it didn't go to waste but you made a plan for it....enjoy your long weekend

Linda-that little parade sounds so stinking cute...nobody takes them outside???? I don't understand that....they are so lucky to have you there!!!

Dixie-still thinking of you and this crazy hurricane.....hoping it goes right past you and all will be well

Shani-good luck with your PA school starting next week....all of your hard work will pay off after school is done...you can do it


Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday

3_13_14.gifMaybe this is why DH isn't crazy about the idea of my babysitting....he is afraid that the house will end up like this with all the kids and the dogs in the house LOL


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Guest LostTeacher

morning all.


today is the day about getting things in order.

it started with paying some bills and getting the start of my finances in order.

the next thing is when i am off this computer i am doing my first workout from 'the biggest loser' book. i really like it because you can customize it, it combines cardio and weights, and encourages you to try new things, so when i start my basketball stuff, it will fit with the workout. now i just need to figure out when i can do what.

following that is maybe stopping at the university to get my school book. it's going to cost me like $115 or something stupid like that, but i am going to check it out.

finally, it is about clean/organize/clean! i want my house clean for the weekend and clean for when i start work again. i am going to stay home this evening, and clean while watching movies that i already have on tv/video (therefore saving money!).


bridge - 13 people sleeping at your house?!?! that is an amazing thing you are doing for them!

wwlifer - i am so impressed that you put the lunch in the fridge and brought it home for someone else. that is the power of weight watchers/core!

lfia - i am glad that you had such a great time back at work. sounds like a wonderful place to be.

dixie - please be sure to take care of yourself first. make the plan if you can, but safety and survival take the first role.

shani - congrats on the loss! and i think you will do just fine at school. i wish i was able to go back full-time....you are a lucky person!

erlas - i hope the sitter-thing works for you. i admire people that can take other people's kids in while watching their own.


have a good friday everyone....happy holiday!


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Hello! I hope you don't mind if I join in. :) I've been lurking for a couple months while I get back into the swing of things, and would really love to have a place to discuss core.


I was here last spring, a former flexer- tried core and lost 20lbs in 2 months...and then got pregnant for the third time. I followed many core principals during pregnancy, but still gained over 60lbs.


SO, I now have a healthy 4.5mo old, and have 4 great weeks of core completed. Down 10lbs, 40 more to go.


I know, I know- you've heard it all before- core is great! I occasionally consider doing a flex week, but core is so versatile, it hasn't been necessary. AND I really love the lifelong implications and way that it can build healthy eating habits for the whole family. I find with flex, I can revert to less healthy food too easily.


Anyway, that's where I'm at in a nutshell. I look forward to getting to know you, and to learning from you!


I guess I should mention, too- I'm in the middle of a maternity leave, so I'm home with some extra time on my hands and in desperate need of adult interaction!



High Preg Weight- 223

Start August '08- 208.2

Current- 199.0

Sept Goal- 194.0

Oct '09 Goal- 160

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Good afternoon, everyone!


I'm finally finding my Core-groove which is easy to do with all of the lovely fruits & veggies available this time of year. I have discovered that the more of the f & v that I eat, the less bloated I feel and the less hungry I am--I love it!


Over the years, I would hear women say that they ate salad for lunch and got full. I never could understand that. I could never feel full from salad! Last winter I was in my first good Core-groove and I finally had that experience! I got full from salad! It is possible.


I let that Core-groove go and I was the lowest weight I'd been in 10 or so years--darn. This time around, I intend to cherish my hard work and not toss it aside.


Welcome to BCB, Tara and congratulations on your new baby! :salut


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Good Evening Core-bies! :wave:


Mind if I join in? I meant to come here and introduce myself bright and early this morning. My name is Kimberley and I'm 35 years old. I've been back here at BCB since May 2007 and just made Lifetime last week. I have another 15lbs to go until I hit my personal goal (100lbs lost). I was solidly OP with Flex for 14 months straight but hit a wall at the beginning of August and kept on struggling so I decided to switch to Core to keep the "bad stuff" in check. I did Core when it first came out in 2004 but my weight loss stalled due to me not paying enough attention to portion sizes. I got discouraged, went AWOL and regained everything I'd lost after having my 3rd child at the end of 2002.


So, I've been with my DH for over twelve years and we have three children. My oldest, Claire, will be 10 next week. My second child, Lucas, just turned 8. My youngest, Nathan, will be 6 in October and is starting grade one on Tuesday!! :bcb_cry:


I'm a book lover as well as an exercise freak (newly rediscovered). I'm a SAHM and am hoping to fly under the radar with that as my youngest is heading off to school full-time and everyone around me is asking me when I'm going to go back to work. I'm officially on a decade-long maternity leave from a PhD program in US history and have *no* intention of returning to that. I guess I could go back to school to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, but I'm leaning towards saying that the answer is "retired" so I just have to hang in there for another 13 years until the youngest is off to college and it'll happen! LOL :bcb_grin


Okay, speaking of which, I need to go read to them before bedtime. I'll be back tomorrow to start in with personals!


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Hi Kimberley! Thanks for introducing yourself to us!! Sounds like a great life! And you have really been through it with WW!!! Congratulations on reaching goal!!!! I look forward to getting to know you better!



I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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Hi Kimberley,


I remember you!! Many congratulations to you on your successes! This is a really big deal! :salut:salut:salut


Stick with being a SAHM for as long as you can--that's my unsolicited advice. :bcb_bigsm My boys are getting older & it's time for me to go back to school so I can help DH later on down the line and college for 3--:odear: Granted, we've got about 6 years before the first 2 boys go, but judging by how fast the last 12 have gone--one class per semester should get me there just in time.


Welcome to Core!


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Hi Buddies!


I've had a few crazy weeks and not so good eats:bcb_grin I'm back to core after switching to flex while we were moving into our new home. Yeah, I forgot how tough it is to plan around 24 pts a day:bcb_cry: We're all settled in now, DH is back at work and DS#1 is back in school. DS#3 had his immunization appointment today. Aww, that was awful he had to get 4 needles:bcb_down I'm just glad that he doesn't need another until he's 4.



I had a great core day. My in-law's who are notorious for arriving unannounced...did with a bucket of KFC:bcb_sick: but, I ate my pork chop and veg and I wasn't tempted at all:bcb_bravo


ok! You'll be seeing more of me now that I'm back and have no excuses I'm still 7 lbs from goal:)


P.S Hi Saskie girl!! I'm from Northern Sk. Good to see another sk-er on bcb!!


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