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Core Daily~Saturday~September 20

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Good morning buddies!


I have to work today, so I'm up and ready to go! I have some oatmeal creme brulee for break/breakfast, cantalope, pineapple chili, and a banana, that should keep me away from all the "food porn" at work! This is going to be a crazy-busy weekend, I'm actually looking forward to Monday! :bcb_huh: Better get after it, hope you all have a good day I'll check in later :salut.



SW- 168


CW- 140


GW- 130

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Good Morning Buddies,


Lots to do this morning. I need to gets things ready for the football game. I am packing some core snack and we will be eating dinner out. (Which really isn't hard for me on core). Really excited about the game. Hope we win, but..... I grew up just out of Knoxville so i have gone to UT's games all my life and love all the people and excitement. Have lots of ORANGE STUFF to wear and bring. :bcb_grin


My exercise is done and I will go to W/I and skip the meeting.

Linda-Haven't tried the Oatmeal Creme Brulee yet. Everyone talks about how good it is. Need to give it a try. Don't work to hard.

Everybuddy have an awesome day.





Start(first time W/I)/Current/WWGoal/Personal Goal


April 26, 2008 Began my journey back to Goal.

5-9-08 Began Core

10-25-08-Made goal

12-4-08-Made Lifetime

11-29-09-Starting again



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Good Morning!


Busy Saturday here as well. I am cleaning this morning and then need to hit the grocery store and start packing things up for Thursday. We leave for Kansas City Thursday morning. It will take most of the day Thursday to get there, then we will hit the track Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I researched and found a nice mall across from the NASCAR track! Thank goodness! :bcb_bigsm


I want to make some good wholesome snacks and pack them in the cooler so I am well prepared.


Have a great weekend!


Linda~Have a fun time at work. Take care.


Sarah~Have fun at the game!





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Hi Buddies


We are finally getting to the beach this morning-I will pack lunch for everyone,so it should be fun. It's nice and chilly outside-definite "sweatshirt day" according to my 6 y/o !


I went out looking for a dress yesterday afternoon before and after visiting with my mom. I had horrible flashbacks of doing this same thing so many times and being so unhappy with having to find a size 20 something and try to feel pretty. It really upset me. NOT yesterday !!! I even had the kids with me and it wasn't bad at all. We went a few places then I decided to drop it because the kids were being so good and my mom was waiting. But when we left her house I drove past a new store I have never been in at a strip mall not too far from where my mom lives. Everything in the store is black and/or white and about 75% of the stuff is formal. I tried on several dresses, with DDs there to let me know what they thought (the boys waited patiently in the store-they are SOOO good). We decided on a really cute strapless-black on top and black and white skirt that comes just above the knee. I am really happy with it, and I know DH will be, too. I tried it on w/the shoes and pearls when I got home and asked the boys' opinion. The "WOW" I got from 16 y/o son sealed the deal for me.I probably won't show DH till the dinner. I feel like I'm getting ready for the prom or something ! (It's silly, I know, but kind of fun !)


I have a closet filled with fall/winter clothes I need to switch with everybody's summer stuff. I have been putting it off all week-we emptied a lot of the clothes in the closet out of their Rubbermaid bins to use the bins for the fair last weekend and I have not re-organized. The closet is in Ds's room, and he keeps it shut for me-but I know it's there. Waiting. Like the monster under the bed.... Maybe after the beach. (I think deep down I'm waiting for a rainy day) We'll see..


I ran my 5K on the treadmill this morning-so I am off to a good start.

I'll stop rambling now and go shower and make breakfast for everybody.


Have a great CORE day everyone !


SW 230

CW 151.8:bcb_march

GW 130

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Good Morning!


Busy day here! I'm off to take Claire to swim team practice and will get in a run while she's there. Then we have to pack up the car as DH & the kids are going to my parents' trailer for the rest of the weekend after the kids have their tennis lesson later on this morning. I'm meeting up with my mom and my sisters for a spa day and then we're driving up to Stratford for dinner with my aunt & cousin and then to the theater to see The Music Man! I'm sleeping over at my mom's as we won't get back in town until after midnight and I don't have a car (we only have one for the family). So, tomorrow I'll be going on a walk with mom and reading our books together. I should get back here at some point in the afternoon!!


Have a great OP weekend! :wave:


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Guest sodacracker

yowza! Everyone is so busy today. I am still keeping box of kleenix with me all the time and feel like doing absolutely nothing and that's my plan for today.


I willl check in later with you busy bees. :bcb_smile

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Ugg, I just deleted my post somehow and personals :(

No time to re-write it now. I'm off to my WW meeting.

I'll catch up with everyone this afternoon!

Have a great day!


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Hello Everyone!

The past six weeks have been a whirlwind! But the learning curve for my new job is starting to flatten out a bit and I finally have a student-worker to assist me 1 1/2 days per week.


One nice thing about where I work--I haven't seen any vending machines ANYWHERE! There is no temptation to grab a "quick snack" from the machine. If I want a snack, I have to walk 4 blocks one way to the grill or 4 blocks the other way to the neighborhood market.


My predecessor is a notorious pack rat. Every Friday, for the past 6 weeks, I have spent the day getting rid of stuff. Last week, facilities removed 4 book cases, 4 filing cabinets that I had emptied out, a banquet table that had a hutch on top of it (and it covered floor to ceiling French windows) and a bunch of other stuff. Next week, they will take out 3 more filing cabinets, a metal desk (there will still be three desks left), and some weird wood things that sat on top of the desks to create low walls. I donated the ~75 polo shirts that she had hanging on the earthquake stability bar (it is an old building and has iron bars running across the top of the room like where a cross-beam would be). And that isn't even counting all of the stuff I've either recycled, trashed, or given away. Oh! The office also had an apartment sized refrigerator in it. Imagine a three-car garage and that is the size of my office space (I share the space with my student-worker and have small group events in there, too). Someone walked into my office the other day and exclaimed, "You have windows! I didn't know you have windows! It has always been so dark in here!"


Well, I better workout before I hit the ground running again!


I will be soooooo glad when I can read/post on a regular basis again.



Note: I follow the Winning Points program :salut


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Good morning, Core Buddies!

Had a great time at the soccer game, although USF lost to a much better Marquette. We arrived home late, so the girls slept in and this morning I've been catching up on this week's Daily Shows and Colbert Reports that we DVD'd during the week.

Today we need to pick up some clothes for DD. I need to get moving now to get the grocery shopping done, so I gotta run...

Hugs to all....and GO GATORS! (Sarah, have a great time at the game!)

Veronica the Pushy Core Zealot

SW 196.2 - 7/3/6

WWGW 146.0 - down 50.2 in 24 weeks!

CW 131 - 65.2 lbs gone FOREVER!

Lifetime - 2/12/7

My Chart Before & After

Simul justus et peccator

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Afternoon buddies!


WOW what a busy week this has been! Although I made some bad decisions on Tuesday, I am still down 2.2 this week!


Finally got my Washington Driver's license yesterday - I was putting it off as long as possible but since my NV one expires in a month AND I couldn't register to vote without it, I went ahead and bit the bullet. I also was trying to wait until I had lost some more so my picture wouldn't be too hideous. It didn't turn out too bad!


Not much planned for the rest of the weekend except grading papers tonight, meal prep for the week and, of course - the STEELERS game tomorrow!!!


Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Make smart decisions!

See you lighter!!



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Dang it guys I didn't even have time to read the daily!!! I biked this morning, ran off to led my ww meeting, came home and got a bite to eat and went to see the ILs (2 hours away) whose 50th anniversary was today. We had a casual meal out with them and just got home...We're ALL busy this weekend, huh???


I woke up with a sore throat and feeling pretty crappy but went for my ride anyway. I really don't notice how badly I feel unless I sit still..which doesn't happen often! I dozed in the car on the way to the ILs--I NEVER sleep in the car...I am actually feeling a bit better...hopefully I will feel BETTER not worse tomorrow!!!





I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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Hello Buddies......I have enjoyed reading your posts today. I especially like Dr. JulieAnn's description of decluttering her office. I am the anthesis of a pack rat but not certifiably OCD.:bcb_grinI would not have been able to do a minutes work in the midst of all of that clutter!


And I love Bridgetthemom's dress story. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! :bcb_up:bcb_up:bcb_up:bcb_up You earned that WOW from your 16 year old.....please give details on DH's reacation as well....I feel your "prom" excitement as well.....do tell all!!! :bcb_bigsm


JMD....I need to renew my driver license too and have been procrastinating over the same picture issue. Hoping to wait a little longer so the picture would look better and the number could be lower. (I may have to fudge a bit on the number. :bcb_grin)


I was down 3.5 pounds this week at WI. I had not lost anything in two weeks so it was a HUGE boost to get that reward today.


Have a great evening everyone.




"Be passionate enough to succeed......"

David Cottrell






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