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Core Daily~Tuesday~September 30th

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Good morning -


A quick fly by as I am running late but wanted to report in. I had yet another OP day that included exercised. I got in 35 min during lunch and a 30 min walk in the evening. I am on the road to recovery. I think that loss has lit a fire under me.


Donna...good to see you back with a plan. You have done so wonderful. You can lose those pesky pounds.


Gotta run. Have a great day everybuddy.





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Good Morning Buddies,


We are finally getting some cooler weather with high's in the 70's. I'm going to my school's football game tonight, so the weather should be perfect. Middle school football isn't very good, but at this age my students like seeing me there.


My beagle is doing much better. I've had him for almost 12 years. He has survived the continual influx of bassets and has always been the leader of the pack even though he weighs about 20 pounds less that all of them.


I have been putting off calling the doctor about my trigger finger, but now sometimes it takes my other hand to unbend it. Guess I will be calling today. The pains of getting old. :bcb_yuck:

RW2L-:bcb_bravo getting your exercise it. Yes, you are back in the core groove.

Everybuddy else have an awesome day.




Start(first time W/I)/Current/WWGoal/Personal Goal


April 26, 2008 Began my journey back to Goal.

5-9-08 Began Core

10-25-08-Made goal

12-4-08-Made Lifetime

11-29-09-Starting again



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Good Morning!


I have work today, so I'm up, packed, and ready to go. Kids had pizza last night, homemade, french bread pizza. I made myself a baked potato and loaded it with FF cheese, chives, broccoli, and quark (thanks Kimberley!) I have a roast defrosted and will probably make it in the PC after work. I'm good for my 5-6 miles of walking at work and will do 4 more with the girls tonight.


RW~ Good job!! On to day 2 OP!!!


Sarah~ Glad DDog is better. Hope you have a good night for football!


I'll be back later. Hope everyone has a great day!! :salut



SW- 168


CW- 140


GW- 130

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Hey Buds


RW-Great job-getting it together again


Sarah-So glad about your dog. And I see you snacked before your workout this morning-I hope it went well. I honestly fel a difference in energy level today-I'm going to keep it going. I had a bit of pumpkin oatmeal I had already made.


I planned and ate 5 CORE meals yesterday when I got hungry. I made sure I had more protein and got in all my water. And I knew when I was finished eating-even though there was food left ! THIS WORKS-I JUST NEED TO WORK IT CORRECTLY !!!!!!


I finally heard from my brother -he responded to an e-mail I sent him about something pretty random-just wanted to see if he responded-we e-mailed back and forth twice but his last one told me everything. He goes for an abdominal scan today-they are hoping to rule out any spread in the cancer. Checking his kidneys, then colonoscopy Thursday. He had some symptoms last April that they found nothing really wrong-the symptoms got worse over the summer and they went in and removed part of his prostrate that was enlarged, but found some cancer cells there. Hopefully it is confined and they can treat that area. Keep praying they find nothing ! (And thanks for the prayers and hugs !)


DS in Canada sounded wonderful yesterday. Everyone spoke to him. Reminds us how much we miss him when we hear his voice. But he is happy and well and doing something he has always wanted to, so I am a happy mom.


I have to get myself in gear down in my gym

Have a great CORE day, buddies !


SW 230

CW 151.8:bcb_march

GW 130

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Guest sodacracker

Hi there Core buddies,

Good focus everyone - it is inspiring to see such busy and active people.:salut


At the physio yesterday to learn that I landed wrong on my knee last week. My knee is swollen and I am stepping carefully as it feels unstable. She did some ultrasound, acupuncture and I am to still ice, compress, elevate and take ibuprofen. We will work up to some exercises like my standing on a bosu ball while she throws balls for me to catch ( that should be fun with my leftover dizziness! :bcb_grin).


Cooler weather has me pulling out the slow cooker. I like making up soup recipes from whatever I find. Yesterday a half bag of edamame, some frozen chopped onion, some pasta sauce, water, 1/2 can kidney beans and a small handful of barley. On high for 3 hours and delicious.


off to work - have a good day.

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Good Morning! :wave:


It's a grey day here and I guess it's spilling into my mood as I'm feeling a bit "blah". I can't seem to psyche myself up to go to the gym this morning. I've got some feelers out to my mom and a friend to see if they'll go walking with me even though it's going to either threaten rain or actually rain most of the day today. If they won't come, I'll probably take my shuffle and go by myself. I might even run today too!


This afternoon I have an appt to get my hair cut. It's probably been close to 6 months since I was last there. I'm thinking of cutting off a fair chunk of it but we'll see what my stylist recommends!


If my mood comes around this afternoon, I might hit the gym after dinner to take a weights class before DH & the two oldest head out to Cub Scouts!



Linda- WTG with the 10 miles today! A girl after my own heart! And thanks for the quark suggestion-- keep 'em coming! I just eat it plain with fruit and haven't branched out any further!


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Good Moring Ladies:salut

My day started out at 0400am, I got up to work out on my treadclimber!

I didnt work out yesterday and I said to myself that I would not let tiredness defeat me, so I went to bed and set the alarm. Its nice to work out that early since kids are still asleep. I look at all your workout tasks and whew!! It gives me motivation that you ALL do it AND have kids too!!

oh, cooked the Core hamburger helper last night, kiddos tore it up!! No left overs:bcb_happy

I told myself this am while on treadclimber thats being exhausted is NO longer and excuse:bcb_kick:

Kind of scared of weigh in tomorrow, I dont feel any lighter:bcb_confu. Hope everyone has an awesome core day.

RW2L, Sarah,Soda, Lfia, Kimberly- Keep the inspiration coming!!

Liz :bcb_wink3


SW- 176

CW- 169




11/2008 (-1.5)

12/4 (-.5)

12/10 (-1)

12/17 (+1):bcb_yuck:

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Good Morning!


Had a good core day yesterday. Didn't get all my editing done :( but I will get it finished today! The next two days are going to be tough with deadlines, and that often stresses me out and makes me want to eat! So I am going to make some core granola today for me to snack on the next few days. I'm going to try and hit the farmer's market today because I am almost out of fruit.


I can't get to the gym this morning, but I will walk the track this afternoon. It's supposed to be in the mid 70s today.


Have a great day!:salut


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Morning buddies!


Yet another busy day ahead of me - at least they go by fast!!! I have lots to do today to get ready for my trip to Alaska tomorrow! It is going to be chille (high in the high 40's to low 50's) so I need to dig out my coat tonight!!!


As I was paccing and freaking out and sweating through the Steeler's game yesterday, I was working on my BDS book & realized that I haven't had ANY cravings or thoughts about what I can't have! That is a great feeling! I am still hyping myself up about the success I intend on having while traveling this week!


Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!!

See you lighter!!



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As my 4 year old daugter would say~~~~~'Holy Moly Cow'


Good Morning to the the very active and early rising core bunch this fine Tuesday


Weigh in tonight. I will post on the daily tomorrow and on my accountability thread.


Not much going on today. The sun is shining right now so it might turn out to be a nice day. Looks like rain for Friday but hopefully Saturday it will be nice for the festival and the yard sale. People will be in and out over the weekend so a good house cleaning is in order. I have to google how to get my sink drains from smelling. I can't stand it. We have very hard water ugh it drives me nuts. Any suggestions?? I have heard baking soda and lemon or something. I don't know I will look it up and come up with someting.


RW-awesome job being OP and with all the exercise...keep it up...

Sarah-glad you are feeling some cooler weather and that your beagle is doing better....weird you mention your finger again...mine recently took a turn too....much more pain than ever before...let me know what you find out

Linda-wow....lots of miles today...enjoy your 'older friends' as I know you love to be around them

Bridget-glad you got to talk to DS and that he is doing so wonderful...prayers to your brother and all the family for good news

Soda-have a great day....take care of that knee

Kim-sorry about the blahs.....I say get a short and sassy haircut...it is so easy to do...plus if you cut off enough you could donate it to locks of love

Liz-yikes 4 am.....I am not sure I could do it...good for you for sticking to it

Jodi-hope the weather stays nice so you can get outside this afternoon

Janeen-Did the Steelers win....when I went to bed they were ahead...FINALLY...not a great first half.....what was the final score?


Hi to all that follow...hope everyone has a great op core Tuesday



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Guest JoyceinOC

Hi All. It just occurs to me that since I am on the West coast, many of you probably never see my posts - you're already out and about! Oh well. It's only 8:05 am here in sunny southern Calif and I'm at my desk, ready to start the day. I had a great CORE day yesterday and did my 3 mile walk/jog at dusk. It was funny - on the road back to my neighborhood, I hit a spiderweb and was jumping around like a lunatic just as my neighbor drove by and saw me. I got some ribbing about that! :bcb_grin

Oh well - I packed a healthy lunch today and look forward to cooking some Orange Roughy with barley and mixed veggies for dinner.

Have a fabulous day!:salut

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Julie - I use 1/2 a lemon for my garbage disposal. I cut it up in really small pieces and then turn the disposal on and off a few times to mush it all up.


Other times, I plug up the sink and fill it with cold water, then unplug and run the disposal to kind of "push" anything lingering in the pipes down. Don't know if that does much, but my mom always did it.


Good luck!


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Julie - The Steelers did FINALLY win but it went to OT & the Ravens got the ball first. Needless to say, there was LOTS of pacing & sweating on my end!

See you lighter!!



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I've had an installer here all morning.


I've got fiber optics for the tvs, a digital phone line, and higher speed internet. It took 4 hours to get it all done!


Now I'm off to the gym.


I am feeling much stronger in my determination today. I've got a menu planned and am sticking to it.


All core all the way!


SW 310

GOAL 12/4/07

Proud to a Vegan WW.

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Michael Pollan

"Well, it seems to be working for me." Dr Michael Culmer

"Nuts are in hard shells for reasons." Dr John McDougall

"The salad IS the main course." Dr Joel Fuhrman

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GOOD Afternoon, Coreheads!


Yesterday I got INSPIRED and took everything out of my kitchen and reorganized (since moving in)! :bcb_bigsm Now things are in better places, and when I made my Tofu Tamale pie last night, it was MUCH easier to accomplish~ :salut


Went to PILATES this morning and it felt GOOD! :bcb_happy My friend and I decided we will continue...and if it SNOWS we'll take "snow days"...:bcb_up


I only lost .4 at WWs this morning...but I'm happy. I was in bed Saturday, and my neck started feeling better the next. But it definitely affected my moving around...:bcb_cry:


And reorganizing gave me a NEW OUTLOOK and I am RARING-TO-GO this week...:bcb_grin:bcbkickbu Planned meals. Purchased what I needed after WWs. Using a lot from my freezer and pantry. :salut

May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from suffering.


Check out my website! Plant-Powered.com :bcb_smile








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