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The Buddy System: October 2008 Recipe Challenge!


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  1. 1. AND THE WINNER IS......

    • SANDY - with her quick n easy microwave popcorn
    • SANDY - with her quick n easy microwave popcorn

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Finally got myself sorted out with my link to the InterWeb! Yay!


Now for something completely different!

For the month of October I would like to see some creative HALLOWEEN themed recipes!


So hunt around and see what you can find to celebrate All Hallows Eve and All Saints Day - Samhain, or whatever you celebrate!


1. Find a recipe you've not tried before and tailor it to your needs - i.e. Flex/Core


2. Take photos of your finished dish


3. Post it here and at the end of the month, choose your favourite.


The winner will receive a little something from my Etsy shop and at the end of the year I will be putting together a little downloadable recipe collection for 2008.


Have fun!

And.................. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



Age: 38 StartDate: March 21st, 2008

StartWeight: 15 st 7 lbs (217 lbs)

:bcb_marchworkin it workin it workin it


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It is not a "Halloween dish" exactlly. But could keep you away from the bad stuff!! a quick,easy,inexpensive fat free pop corn.


Brown Bag Popcorn.....

you need brown lunch sack.

1/3 old fashioned popcorn...


Place popcorn in bag. fold bag down and crease. (if you are unsure it will stay a small piece of tape can be used) I put my bag in standing up.

Place in microwave and pop as you would a store bought bag of popcorn. Pay attention as you would popping a new brand as not to burn...

This makes 8 cups fat free salt free popcorn. You can spritz with butter spray and sprinkle seasons .


2965808868_f5c1c9164a_m.jpg 2965808870_518d84a98c_m.jpg





SW 239 1-1-07

129 GOAL 12-20-14

110 pounds lost

I DID IT:bcb_up

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